Red envelopes for low-and middle-income households - DPP trying to get back the trust from public?


Tsai never mentioned that she would give hongbao to the poor if she was elected during the 2016 election.

When Ma raised 85.8billion NTD worth of debt for his consumer voucher, DPP’s main criticism is that it wasn’t only for those hardest hit by the economic crisis, and it wasn’t in cash.

DPP at the time had their own 58.3billion NTD version, but their proposal, like the one Tsai is doing, would be for middle and lower income families only.


Prepurchasing votes for next election.


I would agree if she is doing so with money that doesn’t exist.


Well, it appears to be a nonstarter at the moment, but don’t tell me you don’t think securing votes was on their minds when they considered this proposal.


If not losing vote was their concern, they wouldn’t have passed pension reform.


You need to consider the timeline. Think of it more as damage control.


There is no coming back from pension reform. It lost them this election, and I feel like it will lose them the next one as well. It had to be done, but unfortunately the burden seem to fall on DPP alone.


NAh I just couldn’t be arsed. It’s not even controversial that Russian hackers hacked the democratic party emails.


Fake news. There is zero evidence that the Russians hacked the DNC servers. In fact, the DNC refused to give the FBI access to those servers so that they could verify whether or not they’d been hacked. Hmm, I wonder why. Critical thinking skills.


“Then-FBI Director James Comey said last year that the DNC had denied the bureau’s requests to examine the breached servers. Comey said at the time that the FBI and DNC agreed to let a private firm access the servers and share the findings with investigators.”

The private firm in question is CrowdStrike who co-founder is a big donor to the Clinton Foundation.


The Donald seems to be misinformed on this one.

A) I doubt it’s a single server, it’s probably a cluster (so it would be servers, not server)

B) is he expecting the fbi to dust it for fingerprints, or why do they need to examine the hardware ?

C) the actual hardware in use when the hack was made might not be available anymore, if the dnc uses a third party cloud service the hardware is swapped out regularly as it wares out, so it’s very well possible the hardware in use when the hack happened has already been retired

Or can someone confirm dnc in fact we’re running the infrastructure for this in-house? The Donald seems to imply so with the comments about raiding home and offices but scared to take the server


Okay, I checked this up and the Donald is talking nonsense as expected

More info here


You trust anything CrowdStrike says? That company is sketchy as hell, and has close ties to the Democrats. Talk about fake news.


I’m not commenting per se on if a breach happened or not, I’m just replying to the Donald’s description of the DNC infrastructure(where is the missing server)

I find it highly implausible that the DNC run their it infrastructure in-house on a single server, and CrowdStrike also says it was in fact 140 servers and that they were hosted at a third party


Trump is sorta famous for his sloppy (often deliberate) language. That’s hardly news. Again, zero evidence to date that the DNC servers were hacked by Russia.


Sloppy ? There is a big difference between “a server” sitting in the corner of the office and a cluster of 140 servers hosted at e.g aws

I would be fired if was this sloppy(I work in tech)

But fair enough, he might want to keep it simple(or he might not be that knowledgable about this, which is not that common in his age group)


They’re trying to fire Trump too, but results so far have been mixed. :grin:





Except for this guy, Ray McGovern; during his 27-year CIA career he supervised intelligence analysis as Chief of Soviet Foreign Policy Branch, as editor/briefer of the President’s Daily Brief , as a member of the Production Review Staff, and as chair of National Intelligence Estimates.


Eh ? Didn’t we just conclude that it wasn’t a server but a cluster of them hosted at a third party service provider ?

Or you also still think it’s a server physically located at the dnc office ?

Besides, I wouldn’t be surprised if all of the data is backed up daily at a different data centre and you can’t just “wipe” it.

Are you the same age as these two, or why’s this so hard to comprehend ?