Red envelopes for low-and middle-income households - DPP trying to get back the trust from public?


this is applied to some part of foreigners in Taiwan


True. Not to laborers. They do make way less than 30k.


If you pay taxes then you are actually central to this scheme: you’re paying the tab.


Yes, but there are more reasonable way to do it. A very common strategy is waiting to address an important issue until right before the elections so that people will go to vote with that thing in mind. It’s scummy, but I don’t find it outrageous.
This red envelop thing was based on:“We have some extra cash in our pockets because we overcharged taxpayers, so we’re going to use that cash to buy some votes from people with low income who didn’t even contribute much to the tax pool”. That’s Nigerian-prince tier.

I’d like to know why there was a surplus: was it caused by smart administration and budgeting, or did the government simply skip on things they promised to do? If the correct case is the latter, then it’s easy to see where those 38b dollars should go.

In case of the former, doing some kind of refund can be a bit too dodgy (to whom, what amount etc etc), so if the surplus was indeed caused by good budgeting, then I’d prefer it to be used on either renewable energies or as extra funds for Nhi, police/fireman and other such services.


Government is basically about redistribution of wealth. This could be tax breaks for those with more, or hand outs to those with less.

This case seems a bad decision to me (assuming it happens). If people want to go Keynsian then at least build stuff. Invest in the infrastructure. Create something of value even if the impetus doesn’t work.

Just chucking cash at people who are generally poor for a reason makes no economic sense.


They are now proposing a tax break for all people under 30k.

Now I wonder if laborers who make less than 20k even mapy taxes. I doubt the brokers do. Now that would be a nice venue: tax the brokers for all they make.


Minimum wage too low, Formosa gets grumpy.

Tax credit to poor people, Forumosa gets grumpy. It’s vote buying.

I think you all need to order Tony Robbins CDs or something.


Are there versions in Mandarin?



Thanks, but I was hoping for an audio book.


You need to talk to someone in Publishing :nerd_face:


What I really want to do is go to one of his seminars with the fire-walking.


I used to be a bit cynical about these motivational guys, but they do have a point. If you don’t believe in yourself then you’re almost certainly doomed to failure. It must be a bit harsh, though, if you do buy into their ideas and still remain unsuccessful. Which by the law of averages/observation must apply to some people.


If burning coals under you bare feet doesn’t motivate you, nothing will.


Guess you have to try everything once.


That’s part of his business. It’s why he’s a success. Whether it actually motivates punters or not is irrelevant.


I was actually just trying to make a joke about negativity bias.


What’s the punchline?


Anytime you have to explain a joke…


You just did in your previous post. Still no punchline, though.