Red envelopes for low-and middle-income households - DPP trying to get back the trust from public?


wave power? Or how about peddle power? And we could pay people on low incomes to do the peddling. Give them a little extra money


Sounds like somebody’s planning on running for office. Good luck!


No just planning on going for lunch


I’d say you’re highly overqualified.


Tsai is friggin awesome.

Pension problem solved.
Tourism from southbound countries and Japan/Korea up.
Relations with the US better than ever.


If you think Madame English did well, I think President Obama accomplished far more given the circumstances…

DPP’s mid-term election went the path of Democract’s 2016 election, foreign interests manipulated social media to distribute lies and altered public opinion by shelling out lots of money and invading people’s data privacy.

Han Guoyu is an idiot, not as much of one as Trump, but they are both made out to be some great saviour to the demographics that mattered in that election, older generation of the privileged majority.


Fact check false. The influence of “foreign interests” on the 2016 election was less than minuscule.


I prefer a government that do nothing, rather than that do many wrong things.


I usually hear that from true KMT supporters.


You’re saying Tando is a KMT supporter? If so, so what?


It is confirmed by US intelligence that Russia did access Cambridge Analytica and purchased ads on facebook and other social media. I would like to see how they conclude that the impact is “miniscule”. If ads plus facebook target audience don’t work, facebook wouldn’t have made as much money as they did.


The amount they spent on ad buys (6,000 dollars!) was minuscule compared to what the Democrat and Republican parties spent. Literally less than a drop in the bucket. Check out the Parscale interview. It may open your eyes. Or maybe not.


So, I do a lot of marketing on Facebook and if I measured the success of my campaigns based on how much I spent I would go bankrupt


I don’t really care if Tando is a KMT supporter. I’m merely stating that’s a popular statement for KMT supporters to make.

They would make that statement to excuse the KMT for absolutely doing nothing while holding absolute control of the government. KMT usually enjoyed a majority in the legislature when they are in power, yet they do absolutely nothing to improve working conditions, say giving workers 2 rest days per week, yet heavily criticize the DPP when they don’t commit to the 2 rest days.

The same can be said about the pension crisis, green power, Aboriginal rights, marriage equality, and the list goes on. Aside from pushing to tie Taiwan’s economy to depend on Chinese economy, KMT does next to nothing because apparently they don’t want to do the wrong things.


It’s still figuratively.

A pedant writes.


How many votes do you think you can buy for 6,000 dollars? Enough to swing an American election? What a complete joke.


I plead Millennial usage rules. :sunglasses:


The ads they bought are but a small part of their operation. They also coordinated the release of fake information with the Trump campaign and wiki-leaks. Russia buying that 6000 dollar worth of targeted facebook ads is like lighting a match and throwing it in a room full of methane they’ve setup.


I highly doubt only 6k was spent, already the salaries of the Russians indicted in relation to the elections would have been more than 6k


6K on ad buys. Reading skills. And this whole narrative about how the evil genius Russians had a huge influence the American election is just ludicrous.