Red envelopes for low-and middle-income households - DPP trying to get back the trust from public?


Sorry my bad

But either way, there is more to it than just the ad buy


Show me the evidence.


So, I am not sure how familiar you are with the elections but the difference was quite small in the end. Not sure of the number of votes, but it wasn’t a landslide for the Donald. So, the Russians do not need to have a huge influence on election, just a tiny influence could have(or maybe not) have tipped the elections in the Donalds favour.


But, but , we have already done that. That si why we have no beaches. We have concrete obstacles all the way.


When you show me evidence that the Russians actually affected the election result, I’ll take this claim seriously. I’m not holding my breath.


So, obviously that is unprovable just as it is unprovable that you buy a certain type of tooth paste because you were exposed to commercials of this toothpaste.


Exactly. Without evidence, the claims that @hansioux were making remain in the realm of conspiracy theory.


Well, you can see it like that if you wish. But with your logic marketing having an effect on people is also an conspiracy theory and companies engaged in marketing are suckers as you cannot draw a straight line Customer saw ad A, and that’s why he bought product B


I have no doubt there’s an element of truth to this. The advertising industry has always involved a healthy dose of hucksterism.


Robert Mulluer will when he is ready to indict Trump with the help from Trump’s former associates, such as Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen.


Glad to see you still have your hopes up. Sometimes all we have is hope to keep us going. :grin:


I thought Hansioux’s original point was the “foreign interests” also determined Taiwan’s Dec 2018 election. I’d also like to see evidence of that. PRC says lots of things that is reported in the media but they always do that, so surely that doesn’t count. There must be something hidden & sinister…


Not hard to keep the hopes up when the person under investigation can’t stop making crap up and turn his backs on his former associates.

By the way, do you think there has been Chinese meddling in Taiwan’s midterm election? If so, how do you think they did it?


Wasn’t it the US that interfered in the last election when the AIT dude repeated the DPP unproven allegation of Chinese interference? Even Douglas Paal said the US sided with the DPP in the last election and that it was an unwise move.


Sure, kind of like Russian interference. I’m sure they really want to influence elections, but most of their efforts just end up backfiring. The biggest actual influence China has is just having a large, growing economy and speaking the same language.


At the risk of hijacking this thread, do you think the Democrats’ candidate had anything to do with her loss?

In your mind is it a possibility that Americans voted for Trump (accused of corruption) instead of Clinton, who had clearly corrupted herself by colluding with CNN against Bernie Sanders?

I’m gobsmacked that some Americans are still unable to admit to themselves that the better candidate won the election in 2016.


Of course there is, but that doesn’t justify an American presidential candidate from collusion, and making up crap about her, with the help from Russia, throughout the campaign.

I by the way am a Bernie supporter, and find plenty of the democrats’ primary rules archaic and unfair. If the democrats wants to improve the American election system, they will first need to improve their own.


Hijacker…take it to IP.




Obviously who lost had a lot to with the candidate, and obviously who won had a lot to do with the merits of the winner.

But neither of the above excludes the posibility that some foreign power tried to influence the outcome, and even if they failed to influence the outcome(or the outcome would have been the same ) it should still be investigated