Red-lettered license plates?

I’m a bit confused about these. Apparently they are for taxis, but I have seen (yellow) taxis with black plates.

My main curiosity though are the unmarked cars with the red letter/number plates. I’ve seen car types running the gamut of brand and age with these, from Toyota to Audi and maybe even some Mercedes. Are they private taxis or do “company cars” given out also carry these plates - or is it something else entirely?

They are taxis too.
I called a taxi few weeks ago and when it showed up it was a black Toyota, white plate with red letters. However, inside it just look like a regular taxi, with meter and all.

they’re vehicles registered transport passengers commercially.
Don’t know about taxis with black plates, good question.

It’s strange how many there are as of late… and the variety in model and color. Just today the ones that caught my eye were a red Hyundai, a white Toyota, and a black Audi A8. Another white Hyundai just recently came by - and I’m not even looking for them. I’ll likely see at least a few more European luxury imports in red letters by the end of the week.

Is this the new revolution? Fleets of unmarked taxis?

My guess would have been people trying to legitimize Uber, but afaik that’s still illegal, or some kind of tax thing of issuing a company car. But what’s the logic behind unmarked taxis?

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Out of curiosity could it be the gov made uber type drivers register? Was a big debate before between them and tazi drivers