Red Line? Green Line?-> Confusing Airport Instruction Que


I will be flying in from Canada, and I am somewhat concerned about this follow the green line, or red line stuff at the airport. As far as I can tell, it has to do mostly with customs issues, and as such because I am bringing my laptop, camera, stereo and a coupla other things, that may put me over the $$$ limit (in terms of customs allowances) what should I do? Has anyone had any experience with this sort of thing? Any help would be appreciated.


Probably green, unless you are bringing in something that is prohibited.

The last time I went through customs in Taipei was in September. I had my laptop, lots of accessories, my PDA, my digital camera, etc. I don’t remember what the limit was, but I seem to recall I was about double it. The customs officer just read my list of items and waved me through - no duty at all. On a US passport coming from Canada, if it matters.

Generally any portable electronic equipment is allowed as long as it’s for personal use, but wth your stereo I would be carefull - they may wanna tax you on that. If it contains a radio / tuner (aka a receiver) you may also be subjected to a closer inspection. Do NOT attempt to bring in any transmitting device (except a cell phone), that’s a big no-no in Taiwan.

I once brought in a SW radio and tried to declare it in the customs. They did not give a rat’s ass and just wanted me to get my suitcase closed and out of there.