Red stamp in Passport, can I still get a visa in Taiwan?

I overstayed my visa in South Korea and was deported and received a red stamp with the number 46-1. It does not say deported. I want to come work in Taiwan and want to know if I have a job lined up, will I still be able to get my work visa?

I don’t think overstaying in Korea would influence your chances in Taiwan at all. It is probable that Taiwanese immigration officials don’t even know what that stamp means.

one should hope so. I overstayed in taiwan by 2 days and i had trouble getting into HongKong. They wanted to know if i plan to overstay in HK too.

Well I called the Taiwan immigration office and they stated that it would be specific the immigration office (city) that I am applying to, meaning she did not have answer. I just don’t want to show up to be turned back the moment I get there. Has anyone had experience with red stamps before?

I received three red stamps for overstays in Taiwan before the visa office in Hong Kong even blinked. After the third one, they told me that if I received one more, they may reject my next application.

Yes, I’m a bad boy, tsk, tsk. :hand: