Reddit Secret Santa

Anybody here participate in the Reddit Secret Santa exchange before?

No. I just made a Reddit last week and got the same notification for it.

What about a Forumosa Secret Santa?

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@BiggusDickus is your forever Secret Santa.
uh-ohhhhh. cat’s out of the bag


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Sounds good. Count me in.

I did.
It was an interesting experience sending gifts to someone you don’t know, as well as receiving one.
You will always end up surprised with what you get, one way or another.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m in for secret Santa, as long as my secret gift is a bottle of gin.

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I’m not fussy who it’s from. The surprise can be which brand it is. Is it Tanqueray? Is it Gordon’s? Oh bollocks, it’s King Robert II.

Would you participate in a Forumosa Secret Santa Gift Exchange?

  • Yes
  • No

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So is this still a possibility?

We’d need more people.
It isn’t much fun with only three, no?

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Getting this from me


And don’t let @mad_masala participate. My dvd player is region locked.


More for thee
No complaint from me
Who doesn’t like Xmas greed
It’s jolly, indeed.

But which region? :smile:

Thanks for the heads up, I’m in and don’t worry you can play them when you are in Taiwan, lots of hot sweaty nights here.

So who is going to organize the FSS?


Isn’t that what mods are for?