Reduced Quarantine Trial

Greetings, Everyone.

There was an announcement that Taiwan was considering reducing the quarantine for people who are fully vaccinated. I will be going to the USA next week and will be returning in one month. Does this program still exist? And if so where can I find more information about it?

Thank you so much in advance!

That was before everything went to shit in TW. Reduce quarantine for vaxxed travelers in the near future is as likely as Bill Gates running a sweepstakes where he gives 100 lucky winners $1 billion each.

In fact, TW has gone in the opposite direction and is now requiring everyone to do a PCR test at the end of the 14 day quarantine.


Just wait it out.
Maybe after Chinese New Year.

Some people can’t wait it out. Wife just told me the test at the end of quarantine haven’t started yet since process not set up so she slipped by without it. However once it is you are looking at three PCR tests - 1 going to US, 1 returning and 1 the day before the end of the 14 day quarantine.

Over time the PCR tests in Taiwan will become cheaper as well…

They’re doing a test on arrival as well now?

I do guess by October or November it will happen. Just needs enough people vaccinated in Taiwan too.

Are those test self-paid or government funded?

No before you go checked at the airport. Same as before.

The news I read said 公費 so should be govt funded I think. But hasn’t started yet.


Chen said there will be no more home quarantine for those entering #Taiwan from abroad.

2:09 PM · Jun 25, 2021·Twitter Web App

前述7國旅遊史以外之所有入境旅客,入境後應入住防疫旅宿或自費入住集中檢疫所14天. Exact wording, which specifically said that all travellers from countries apart from the 7 high risk countries need to be quarantined at hotels or self-paid centralized quarantine venues.

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Even if I live at home by myself?

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What about the 7 high-risk countries (which includes the UK, I believe)? They have to stay at the centralized quarantine facilities even if they have their own apartment, right?

CDC’s press release on end of home quarantine.
This is all the details I’ve seen available so far


Mhh, so flying in via the UK becomes much more interesting now because then the quarantine will be free…

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Depends you mindset.
Do rules apply for you?

I am not implying that the rules dont apply to me. I want to see what the whole story is. I resent that.


Note that, if I understand the rules right, if you fly via the UK you’ll have zero choice about where you spend the two weeks, and you’ll be in some kind of government facilities. From other countries you’ll still have the option of quarantine hotels. That could make a huge difference in how bearable the two weeks of confinement is, even if you are saving yourself a fair chunk of money.

Or it may not make a big difference in misery levels. I haven’t had a good impression of most hotels in Taiwan.

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The thing about the policy that really gets me is that it does not differentiate at all between fully vaccinated and not.

I wonder if the quantity of quarantine hotel rooms can handle 2000 or so arrivals per day? That would seem to require ~2000 * 14 = 38,000 rooms nights / day once the policy is in affect 14 days.

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There’s a bit of logic in that the numbers are still unclear on how much the vaccinated can still catch and spread the virus, despite much lower risk of getting sick and dying. It looks like it’s a low chance, but it’s not zero, and more importantly for government decisions, I believe there aren’t the scientific studies yet.

That being said … yeah. It’s frustrating.

Point of comparison: Canada introduced similar rules about mandatory (but shorter) hotel stays around three months ago, and only now are they being eased for the fully vaccinated. Who knows how things will proceed here.

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I get your point. But aren’t we relying on vaccination to be the barrier between quarantine hotel staff / quarantine taxi drivers etc. and the rest of Taiwan?

I think logical reasoning is secondary to the governments decision anyway. They dropped the ball on quarantine policy once, and fear dropping the ball again on letting Delta virus in. So they put in a draconian policy like this.
I doubt they will relax it anytime soon, even when forced to add USA to the “7 high risk” countries in a month or so.

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