Referendums Galore - 2018 Municipal Elections

That is so untrue. Air pollution was way worse 10 years ago. I used to go to high school there and I still used to travel there almost weekly and spend most of my holidays there. There are still some bad days in winter, but it’s gotten so much better.

It’s already the end of November, how many bad days (red or orange) has there been this year in relation to when Hu was the mayor? You can count them with just your fingers.

I don’t think so at all. Those who didn’t vote are usually absentees. They simply didn’t want to vote. I’m not saying that there’s no inconvenience, but the voter turnout rate remains high-ish.

The numbers of this year’s election aren’t out yet, but in 2016 the voter turnout rate was the highest amongst those between 20 and 29.

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You spend most of your holidays in Taichung? Interesting indeed. Hardly a popular holiday destination for most.

Summer and winter holidays. I mostly just stayed at home.

He probably has family there. Wouldn’t be weird for him to go during break.

The head of the Central Election Commission resigned after not handling large voter turnouts well. Kind of makes you think, what if 90%+ of people voted. They couldn’t even handle the current voter turnout.

It’s the referendum’s fault. They need to backtrack the legislation and bring the high threshold back. Or abolish referendums altogether like the Netherlands did.

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I’ve lived in Taiwan 20years now and have never met a “foreigner” who supports a party contrary to what their spouses espouse! Are “we” all so biased because of what we’ve been “fed”?

Considering how complex politics are, you would probably only hear one side of the story and how the other is the evil party. I grew up with all my family supporters of the DPP. Large donations and some even local officials. Many DPP officials and candidates came to my grandfathers funeral.

But in the end, I just fell out of love after years of disappointment. I’ve never supported any KMT candidate, they’ve yet to produce one where I’ve considered. But I’ve become more and more critical of the DPP as well.

*correction. Actually I’ve met Ma many times. I didn’t mind him as the mayor, even had some hopes for his first presidency. I met him at a Christmas party and I got his signature lol. But realized quickly was a spineless president he was going to be.

I’ve also met CSB before, and Former President lee in the same room. Have never met Tsai unless you count her picture Across from me on the wall when I was in the army.

That’s a good point and my observation as well over the last 25 years, although I’m sure there are exceptions.

I have :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy:

What did you think of her?

I feel like she didn’t do much local campaigning and public appearances. Ma did a lot of that. He greeted our treking group and the end of the Toroko trail after a 5 day trek once. Was right before the election so he was doing a lot of that.

It was the opposite for me. My spouse slowly came around to my political point of view (with the exception of her weak spot for NPP candidates–I’m still working on that one).

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When I married my wife nearly 15 years ago, I was deep green (in my mid 20s). She came from a KMT civil service family. These days, in Taiwan`s political context, I am pan-brown. They are both shit. :laughing::sunglasses:

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The pain of being disappointed by each candidate from both sides have really made me cynical of them both.

Maybe one day I will try to run for something…I’ll just shit on both parties. There has to be more people who feel like I do. But my Chinese isn’t that eloquent, but perhaps speaking in simple terms would be an advantage. There has to be other people don’t are like wtf are they even talking about.

Maybe you’ll end up sounding like the old-style KMT politicians. They were some seriously inarticulate bastards.

I honestly don’t want to say to much. Just do things that seem so obvious to the average person.

Never too soon to start working on your Taiwanese politician-style fist pump.

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Hey Ma got a lot of votes for being “handsome” and jogging around lol. I think I got a shot if these are things voters look for in a candidate.