Referendums Galore - 2018 Municipal Elections

Depends on jurisdiction:

Involuntary Manslaughter

Involuntary or unintentional manslaughter involves the killing of another person without the intent to kill, but where a death occurs through the negligent or reckless actions of the defendant.

For example, a person who engages in a drag race and drives through a red light during the race, striking a car and killing its driver, may be charged with involuntary manslaughter. Similarly, a person who drives while intoxicated and causes an accident that kills another person could be charged with involuntary manslaughter.

In the end we are arguing over English interpretations of the law. How this is presented in a Taiwan court is being translated to the best of their ability, which is rarely good to begin with.

We should at least agree, without putting a name to the crime, there is a distinction between.

Planning to kill someone.
killing someone in the heat of the moment, but quite deliberately, perhaps out of passion.
And someone who runs a red light and kills someone.

Those 3 are usually defined as murder, homicide and negligent homicide. Im sure there plenty more of circumstances and places that adopt their own vocabulary.

Wow. You’re not biased…

KMT support basically vanished in the 2014 & 2016 elections before coming back this time. In today’s environment, no party in Taiwan has durable dedicated support. The most loyal party disciples seem to be the die-hard DPP supporting Forumosans (most of whom probably aren’t eligible voters here), still a very vocal group although smaller in numbers compared to 10, 15, 20 years ago. And Michael Turton of course.

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Again, I have to say it for the eleventh time: we do not have free press. Press mostly belongs to blue or red (KMT or China). Imagine if it had been a DPP member. Heck, we know everything about the one who had 4 mistresses, yet no one leaked this except rumors on PTT? Someone gave very strong “instructions”.

To illustrate how idiotic it was for KMT to push for resuming nuclear power plant 4, and banning food import from Japan at the same time, here’s a map (based on maps from and of the proposed food ban compared to Taiwan.


Proposition 9 wants to ban food products (even if they weren’t grown there) from Fukushima, Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma and Chiba, an area pretty much identical to the size of Taiwan. The yellow star marks the location of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

If the KMT believe that a nuclear disaster would effect food production for an area near the size of Taiwan itself, resuming any nuclear power plant is idiotic, Especially when Taiwan is equally prone to earthquakes and tsunamis, and any nuclear disaster would spell doom for the entire agriculture industry here on this island.


What about Liberty Times? Or San Li TV station? They aren’t blue at all.

The traditional media outlets also have a declining share of the total news flow that gets out there. I mean: the internet, underground radio stations, etc…

Which TV station was teh one that said the sunflowers were having wild sex at teh Legislative Yuan? And whose commentator made questionable comments about one of teh female protesters boobs?

So? There are blue supporting media outlets and there are green supporting media outlets. It goes across the spectrum. Not to mention the alternative outlets of news - all over the spectrum.

It is a bit way too many on just one side…

It has to do with teh laws way back when they had “illegal” radio stations because they wouldn´t give licesces to stations down south. Same with press and tv. So we have an unbalance right from teh start.

Agreed. One should vote for resuming nuclear power production and against banning imports from Fukushima.

She’s a poor leader in terms of a national figure. She needs to get out in front and jazz people on . In that regard she’s actually terrible, even worse than Ma!

Pension reform was unpopular amongst civil servants it’s no surprise many voted against the DPP this time and they lost some municipalities …Bit it’s up to the leadership to keep moving forward and their moves so far are STILL not bold enough…Too timid.

I’m not talking militarily timid I’m talking about trying new economic ideas to attract investment in services in particular !


Totally agree. She did a good job working behind the scenes to unite the party, but she’s not suited to be president. She’s completely lacking in charisma.


Shea not the right person for the job anymore. But if so, she needs to step UP and not step DOWN, for the rest of her term as she is the President and she was elected to do the job.
If she goes into hiding eVen more that will be disastrous.

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Yeah, she needs to get out of her comfort zone for sure. Public speaking skills can be improved with practice. Bill Clinton was terrible when he first took office, but by the end of his second term he was a master at it. She needs to follow his example.

Bill Clinton is a genius at working the crowds. I saw him speak in Dublin after the Good Friday agreement was signed, the crowd absolutely loved him and he loved them. I’m surprised he was a poor speaker cos he seems to have the natural southern charm (not getting into his politics here).

I would still vote no on resuming nuclear power. I have nothing against going for a new type of nuclear reactor, or a different nuclear fuel source, such as thorium.

However, as it stands in Taiwan right now, resuming nuclear power means reviving nuclear power plant 4. That thing was built like a death trap with an seriously outdated reactor design. If the only choice is NP4, then I choose no nuclear power at all.

The money would be better spent on tidal and thermal power.

Well, he’s lost it these days, but when he was at his peak, he was unstoppable.

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Agreed , hes older and he has lost the energy he had after his heart problems now.

I’d say she needs to pick a few issues and make noise on them. She’s just too quiet and refuses to fight about anything. Plus she always sides with big business.