Referendums Galore - 2018 Municipal Elections


Well it should not be surprising since lots of people are also against nuclear power, especially in their backyard e.g. Taipei.
Will KMT support nuclear power by opening the fourth power plant ? Really?

If there were increased energy costs or carbon pollution taxes we might see them change their minds.


It’s a familiar refrain, from country to country: it’s safe when it’s in your yard, just not when it’s in mine.


I totally agree, and would add that this applies to nuclear too—the dumping of nuclear waste on Lanyu is one hundred percent in line with this way of devising policies in Taipei and using other parts of Taiwan as a dump!



Go ahead. Inform me of other significant incidents.


hmm… apparently it doesn’t have to be referenda.

Basically referendum is a made up Latin word that doesn’t have a historical use. It was invented by Anglophones sometime in the mid-19th century. The form it takes also doesn’t lend itself to have a Latin plural form.

Anyway, according to the article

going by the Oxford school: ‘referendums’ means separate votes on a single (or perhaps related) issues, while ‘referenda’ means votes on separate issues.

Also in the end it concludes with

So – ‘referendums’ or ‘referenda’? As it turns out, it’s all really just a matter of preference.

I’m gonna stick to referendums from now on, as my browser’s spell check keeps telling me that referenda ain’t a word.

So for those still wondering about referendums results and how them break down, here are two articles.

There were 4 cities/counties that voted in favor of name correction for 2020 Olympics.

Even though No. 13 failed to cross the 50% line by 4.8% of the votes, there were still 4 cities/counties that didn’t get fooled by Chinese fake news and voted to petition for a name change.

Of the 4, Tainan City had 50 thousand more votes in favor of the name correction while others had around led by less than 10 thousand.

For No. 10, which is marriage should only be between man and woman, there’s a map showing which district supported it the most proportionally.

Sadly, it seems there’s still a long way to go. The heavily Christian/Catholic regions overwhelmingly voted against marriage equality.


Why? What is wrong with its current form? Has there been any evidence that it is unsafe?


Ignorance, plain and simple. I used to live within 10 km of the Jinshan Plant. So what?

In fact, if you live close to a coal-burning plant, you are subject to higher levels of radiation than if you live close to a nuclear plant. People just don’t understand what radiation is. I’d have to look it up but I’m pretty sure the stat is that eating one banana exposes you to like 10 times the radiation of living within 50 miles of a nuclear power plant FOR A YEAR.

There is so much non-science crap that goes around about nuclear power.


As for the name change, I honestly don’t understand why people are pushing for a name change on the international stage when they haven’t even managed to get a name change done on the domestic level.

It seems so odd to me that people think the team from Taiwan should be called the “Taiwan” team when we don’t even call the country “Taiwan.”

“Here is Team Taiwan from the Republic of China!”

Seems to be putting the cart before the horse.


One - they are old, already hitting their expected operation lifetimes and their fuel is stored on site. It means the risk with operating the plants will increase.

Two - the longer and more nuclear plants operate, the risk is obviously higher of an incident. Its hard to quantity how high a risk, but it’s there . We do live in a highly tectonic area and tsunamis are a proven danger. The one that knocked out Fukushima and destroyed their economy was estimated as a 1 in a 1000 year event…It still happened.

Three - investment wise nuclear plants are super risky to build because they are usually heavily opposed and come in over budget. 10 billion dollars was effectively wasted on the fourth nuclear plant so far ! Where will we put all the waste long term and how much does that cost ?

Four - unless they utilise 100% foreign contractors for building a plant I would never agree to a new project

I think risk mitigation vs air pollution trade off should make us consider another 10 years operation for some of the nuclear plants and to start up the Fourth plant and I would leave it at that.


I agree with “nothing new” happened with last elections. Is just state of mind of taiwanese people, accepting mediocre, just being lack of dreams and mostly lack of courage. Chinese societies are run on fear. Nothing triggers them as fear. Probably even greed for money does not activate em as much as fear does. Honestly no idea, how they plan to make it without nuclear energy. Will be fun to watch it. They could come up with good solutions and build up new tech business. Like Norway exports its knowledge for pumping oil

Still voting to put own name down… name of own nation… is just pathetic. Taiwanese want to get independence without struggle many nations went trough in a history. With independence is like this… this kind of opportunity does not arise often. Taiwan had 2, maybe 3 times when it could declare independence in the past and made it. But this time is long passed.

Now is time kiss ass of communist. But okey let not be harsh on taiwanese, many in Europe kissing Xi too. To be honest i never believed in Taiwanese independence, i always seem em as part of chinese world, chinese state, but not part of CCP. Is reality in mainland making me really annoying.

Is kinda pity taiwanese politcs is not more successful, but lets face it - young democracies need more time. And yes maybe we are too harsh on taiwan




LeBron James really let himself go in LA…


Oh come on. There have been so many incidents that Wikiland doesn’t even try to list them in a single article. Instead it has multiple list articles, and then another article just listing all the lists!

Readers are invited to reach their own conclusions about what’s significant and what’s not.

This is not to say the alternatives are necessarily better. I’ve apparently triggered you into thinking I disagree with you 100% just because I don’t agree with you 100%. I don’t have time for Manicheanism (that’s what Trump arguments are for!), so you are wasting your time if you want to argue with me about nuclear power in general. My point is that when you praise nuclear as if it were this immaculate goddess in a flowing white robe, it’s risible. (Or a goddess with only two stains on her robe. There’s an easy analogy to make there, but it’s a bit crude. :speak_no_evil:)

Oh, pardon me. That totally proves nimbyism is a complete and utter myth. :cactus:

Try Australia, for example: “I can’t understand why people in the middle of nowhere [meaning somewhere in the interior of the country inhabited mainly or entirely by aborigines] have a problem with nuclear waste being stored there” or very close to those words. I forget which politician said it, but that’s beside the point, which is simply, if nuke waste is so safe, why does it need to be sent to the “middle of nowhere”?


I thought you said you were keeping away from the Trump arguments.


For the same reason why we take kitchen garbage outside of our house, instead of storing it inside the bedroom? What kind of argument is that even.


“It doesn’t count as a place inhabited by humans if the population is…” how to finish that sentence? Something numerical, or something colorful?


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Analysis of each referendum by region, income, education, and so on…