Referendums Galore - 2018 Municipal Elections


I don’t understand…how did she get her hand stuck in there?


I know it’s other people’s misfortune and all, but that made my day :rofl:

Why on earth would you need to put your hand in there, this ain’t a raffle.


It’s a young democracy, people will figure out that you have to put stuff in, not pull stuff out.


Ohhh, she thought it was a draw and her vote would be assigned depending on what she picked up…now it makes sense.


I think with the voting results of No. 16, we can decide where to store nuclear waste next, or where to build the next nuclear power plant next.

Lieyu district in Kinmen voted 70% in favor of resuming nuclear power past 2025, and Laiyi district in Pingdong voted 67% in favor.

Nuclear waste issue solved.


Maybe she was trying to 偷票 instead of 投票


Put it in Fukushima. I’ll buy a bunch of land there for pennies on the dollar and sell the rights to use it for nuclear waste storage


No one wants energy production of any kind in their backyard. No one wants coal plants in their neighborhood. No one wants gigantic windmills dotting their horizon. No one wants massive solar farms next door. No one wants landfills in their vicinity. And no one wants nuclear plants or waste nearby. Personally, I would much rather have nuclear nearby than the others. It’s self-contained, no odor, no effects on the surrounding area other than just taking up space.


Great, please inform Taipower where do you live.


Taichung, South District. Bring it on!


I would move to Fukushima if I could.

There are many cities around the world that naturally have higher background radiation levels than Fukushima post-incident.

The Japanese gov’t has set pretty ridiculous standards for the exclusion zone and has probably caused more harm than the radiation itself.


I don’t think there’s anything stopping you


The Japanese government is.

And a language barrier.
And my family.
And my career here…


Does doing PR work for Taipower pay well?





I am pro Nuclear until a viable alternative comes along. Conspiracy reminded me of this …hehe


I second that.


In that case, were you in favor or against Proposition 9?


What’s stopping you from moving there then?


I believe I already answered this question.

The Japanese gov’t is stopping me from moving there… and the fact that I have no reason to live there.

Why don’t you guys confront the actual point? The facts of the case are that after the Fukushima incident, background radiation levels are certainly higher than they were prior to the incident, but they are not at a level deemed harmful by experts even with prolonged exposure. The fact is that there are many populated areas around the world that have higher background radiation levels due to natural reasons.