Referendums Galore - 2018 Municipal Elections


The magic of the internet again… You might be the 1% of foreigners who are aware that the fruits, vegetables and cabbages are very cheap, and that most farmers can not earn a reasonable salary.
It’s logical they don’t care about where the power comes from, who is in charge, and the international relationships, the SSM, the blablabla of the “rich people”… same conclusion than the other diagram explaining the relationship between education and vote shows.


Yea but how much MONEY did this disaster cost everybody . The clean up of the plant itself must cost billions .


It certainly cost a lot of money. It probably cost a lot more than it needed to as the economic cost of setting up a long-term exclusion zone was not needed if we look at current background radiation levels.

But again, you have to measure these costs against the alternatives. How much money does the world spend on cleaning up coal, oil, natural gas accidents? What’s the economic cost associated with the pollution and mining that these fossil fuels necessitate? I promise those costs FAR exceed the costs associated with the very rare nuclear power-related incidents.


Do you remember the banana and bank account thing that went down last year?


They are giving away cabbages at farms, 10 NTD for all you can pick…


It doesn’t matter as long as society does not accept it and regulations are so onerous as to make it prohibitively expensive.

Similar enough with genetically engineered food. It might have a lot of benefits but will it be profitable to research and grow and will it have a sustainable market ?

The chenobly accident was pretty bad there are still farms that you cannot raise animals on in western Europe due to the radioactivity.


Because gov won’t allow they?

Wildlife is flourishing in Chernobyl from recent reports.


Chernobyl was very, very bad, but there is no way that there are farms you can’t raise animals on in Western Europe. I would certainly not want to live in Chernobyl right now. There are some hot spots around the village that still have radioactivity levels that probably could do harm with prolonged exposure… but that drops off very quickly. There is a chart of radioactivity levels on this page:

The hotspots (the cemetery, the monument, reactor 4, etc.) aren’t places you would want to hang out by… but once you get out into the open areas a few hundred meters from the reactors, you generally have radioactivity levels below 0.5 microSv per hour. That’s just over 4 milliSv per year…which is WELL below the natural background radiation levels in many places around the world. The Chernobyl exclusion zone could be shrunk to just an area a few hundred meters in radius around the reactor and no one would ever notice a thing.


The problem with radioactuvr particles is that they can be taken up by animals when they are fast growing I remember the thyroid is a particular concern. Wasn’t it radioactive strontium, cesium, selenium…all that.


Yes, thyroid cancer is the most common cancer associated with radiation exposure. Fortunately, it’s also one of the easiest cancers to treat. It has like a 98% survival rate.


It’s true, but it’s also worth considering you will need a lifetime of medication after it. And even with medication, it can be hard to manage depending on how people react to it. Lots of nasty mental and physical side effects of thyroid imbalance.


What do you mean now? That’s what it always meant. You didn’t know that? The Founders avoided the word “property” to avoid connotations of slavery. America was set up based largely on the ideals of John Locke.


I still believe the real reason for these election results is people didn’t want their pensions cut.

Otherwise why would people be pissed at Tsai??? Relations with the US are as good as they’ve ever been since 1978.


Idk, I feel like the DPP failed to inspire Taiwan to be anything more. I remember DDP supporters used to go on marches and be rowdy and protest and have huge events. They’ve not given people much to be passionate about. I don’t see young people going out of their way to vote for them even if they vocally support them.

KMT supporters have a long lianage and strong dedicated support.


That makes sense. Was voter participation among young people down? The students were all riled up in 2014 and 2016. I wonder if the DPP thought young people would motivate themselves.



Idiots voting a murderer into office.


That’s called manslaughter in the US


And it looks like the DPP didn’t do enough OPPO research.


How did they not leak this, dirty politics but it’s politics.