Referendums Galore - 2018 Municipal Elections


I would still vote no on resuming nuclear power. I have nothing against going for a new type of nuclear reactor, or a different nuclear fuel source, such as thorium.

However, as it stands in Taiwan right now, resuming nuclear power means reviving nuclear power plant 4. That thing was built like a death trap with an seriously outdated reactor design. If the only choice is NP4, then I choose no nuclear power at all.

The money would be better spent on tidal and thermal power.


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I’d say she needs to pick a few issues and make noise on them. She’s just too quiet and refuses to fight about anything. Plus she always sides with big business.


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She also chose a cabinet , as usual, that is too old.
Way too many old politicians in Taiwan in positions of power.

This Han Guu Yu is also over 60 and still talking about casinos, big wheels and factories. This is stuff that were talking bout back when I first came here! It’s all a bit laughable.

The DPP also wheeled out Su Zhen Chang for new Taipei city mayor…He’s not the worst…But fuck sake new ideas !


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Seriously outdated reactor design? The ABWR Generation III reactors are among the most modern reactors in operation. To my knowledge no Generation III+ are in operation yet…maybe a couple in China, but I’m not sure. Certainly no Generation IV reactors are in operation.

And frankly, I think (surprise, surprise) that the Lungmen Plant woes have been massively overstated. There was mismanagement and delays and problems…sure. But the fact is that at the time they sealed Lungmen up, it had passed 99% of the pre-op tests conducted by a team of international independent inspection experts and were completely meeting all international standards. They were fully expected to have completed all inspections within a few months.

The Generation III ABWR reactors are amazing and do not suffer from the same security risks that older reactors like Fukushima’s BWRs do. There’s just no evidence that we should be worried about Lungmen. A sloppy construction period doesn’t mean squat as long as the end result is a reactor that meets all inspections and safety regulations. There’s no history anywhere in the world of reactors malfunctioning due to construction defects.


First of all, ABWR has a poor track record. The ones in Japan, such as the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa NPS, suffered more shutdowns due to malfunction than other NPS in Japan. There were only 3 power plants that had operating ABWR reactors, all in Japan and all are still in shutdown since the Fukushima disaster, while other reactors have been reactivated. The construction for all other planned ABWR around the world have been postponed, just like NP4.

Also, instead of GE supervising the design and construction, NP4 was designed and built by contractors and their subcontractors without proper supervision. As a result the foundation for the reactor is already cracked. Taipower even altered the design without submitting it for approval. As a result, GE refused to vouch for NP4’s construction standards.

There was a host of issues with NP4’s construction, which Control Yuan found and put into a report. That report was what prompted President Ma to terminate NP4 in the first place.

NP4 has to be scrapped. If they are going to build a new one, there are better Gen III+ reactors by now, which all new nuclear power plants will adopt.


By the way, does pension reform mean @DrewCutz Z’s wife won’t be getting hers and he can finally leave?


You are massively overstating issues with ABWRs.

Kashiwazaki-Kariwa houses 7 reactors, only 2 of which are the ABWRs. There have been 4 shutdowns of KK and only one was related to a problem with one of the ABWRs. In the other shutdowns, the ABWRs at KK were always the first to be brought back online because of their inherent superior safety.

The only other two ABWRs in the world that have completed construction are at the Hamaoka and Shika plants. Hamaoka’s ABWR was shut down due to cracks and damage found in the turbine, completely unrelated to the ABWR design. None of the issues there have anything to do with some inherent flaw in ABWR. Shika has also been temporarily shutdown for issues relating to the other reactor at the plant, not the ABWR.

The article on wiki implies that ABWRs have suffered a significantly higher amount of downtime compared to other reactor types, but that’s hardly a fair analysis considering the ridiculously small sample size of 4 reactors and the extremely short time frame that they have been commissioned. There’s no engineering analysis I can find that implies something inherently wrong with ABWRs.