Referendums Galore - 2018 Municipal Elections


UN official should butt out of Taiwan affairs if they aren’t going to help us with anything, he should STFU.


You’re sounding like one of those dumbass Taiwanese nationalists on PTT.


I’m not disagreeing. Just the hypocrisy of him saying shit when the UN charter says the right to self determination is an inalienable right. These guys don’t give a rats ass about human rights or they wouldn’t let some of the biggest human rights violators in let alone have them as sitting members of the human rights council.


I think he’s here as a private person, not as a UN official.


Sure, but once he start talking about human rights issues, is he really just a private person or does he carry the weight of being a UN official.

Why’s this guy saying anything in Taiwan? You can’t even enter the UN building with your ROC passport.


It’s hypocrisy at its finest, which passport stamp or visa did he get entering Taiwan? You can’t even enter the UN building with a ROC passport and this guy comes to Taiwan saying what is right and wrong.


No he doesn’t carry the weight of being a UN official.

He’s probably attending one of the events of the Oslo Freedom Forum.


Of course he does, why else would anyone care what he has to say. Don’t see anyone asking me about my opinion.


He most likely has some celebrity in the field.


The guy likened our move for a referendum vote to the beginning of Nazi death camps.


He’s a moron. Ireland has had multiple referendums on human rights, sometimes the bill passes, sometimes it doesn’t. If it doesn’t pass they might have another go ten years later.


“The road to the death camps started with the trappings of populist democracy,” Knotts said


A decision as embarrassing as this deserves to be reprehended.

That’s because your Constitution is a mess.


Oh I see…


To the beginning of Nazi death camps…yeah on that level.


Isnt the goverment still required to legalize gay marriage?


I think that is now the question they face. Is the referendum result unconstitutional, and if it is, what do they do?


Yes but in a separate act, and the homophobes are trying to make it less marriage-like.


I’m not arguing that ABWRs are the most advanced reactors on the market at this moment. They were at the time Taiwan made its order…and they are still considered very safe and very modern reactors. No one in the industry would ever refer to them as “outdated technology.” Unfortunately for their sales and legacy, their moment as the state-of-the-art top-of-the-line reactor was relatively brief and coincided with a large amount of nuclear reactor projects stalling out due to worries about Fukushima.

As for NP4, the AEC abides by all international safety standards. I agree that the construction process was a mess, partly because of the stop-and-go nature of it due to the political wrestling match that accompanied the construction. I am aware of the Control Yuan’s report. I am aware of the issues. All of those issues were resolvable…and would have, by necessity of international regulatory standards, been resolved before the plant went into operation. At the time the plant was sealed, there only remained a few examinations to be done and all indications were that within months, the plant would have beem completely compliant with AEC and IAEA standards.

At that point, I just don’t care about the problems during construction. The only thing that matters now is that it passes all of the checks and meets all safety standards.


I agree that human rights should not be put to vote. But marriage is a civil right, not a human one.