Referendums Galore - 2018 Municipal Elections


Bit of an interesting article:


You can’t because the problems during construction is now baked into the foundation to hold the reactor, and the pipes to control the reactor which are embedded into the walls. If they pass it, it would just be for the sake for resurrecting NP4, and not based on actual safety.


No one, NO ONE, is going to be passing unsafe reactors. If it passes, it will be because it is up to all internationally accepted safety standards. People can go on about Taiwan’s Chabuduo’ism or whatnot, but the fact is that Taiwan has a pristine record with nuclear safety. They aren’t insane…


You do know that the international inspector called the fourth nuclear plant a dump?

  1. Source? I can’t find anything on Google about this.
  2. When was the quote made? Again, I am well aware of the messy construction process, but it is my understanding that towards the end of the project all safety concerns had been dealt with and the plan was well on its way to being approved by both the AEC and international independent inspectors.


Depends if they cleaned it up.

Must be a bit old but yeah the inspectors were appalled at the conditions.


Ugh… Fukushima referendum results might prevent Taiwan from joining the TPP11. This 8s so dumb.:face_vomiting:


I got an idea: when Japan brings this up with the WTO, let’s play dead and get sued.


From a Taipei Times guest opinion piece:

I don’t know enough to have a well-formed opinion about the meaning of the elections’ outcome. I just find the piece interesting.


I am shocked that the Taipei Times would suggest that people stick with the DPP. SHOCKED I TELL YOU!

(Is my sarcasm obvious enough?)


I went a ways past the title.


I see it as having a very minor effect .
The swing to KMT is part of the normal.seong voting pattern in Taiwan. Support for status quo and cautious relationship with China (with no big changes) which maintains economic growth is mainstream here.


I hope you’re right.


Short-sighted idiots. Is this even constitutional to override a referendum like that?

I would rather they enforce this one and ignore the Fukushima food results. Just have Japan sue us under he WTO, then roll over and play dead.


All the referendum did was repeal a law that said the government “has” to abandon nuclear by 2025. So now the governments can do whatever it wants. Stupid from an electoral standpoint though.




Didnt the referendum vote yes on this?


Yeah but she said she was going to ignore it.


I didn’t hear about that part.

But what can she do? Burn more coal? Power outages are a national security issue as well.


Yeah I agree with the move.