Refundable return flight

Edit: Thank you everyone!

Your recruiter sent you a fake ticket. Now that should be a red flag as to the quality of recruiter you are dealing with. I would definitely be concerned about the job this flawless character set up for you :ponder: :ponder: :ponder: :ponder: :ponder:

Economy class tickets sold by CEAIR (中國東方航空) originating from Taiwan are refundable for a 1000 TWD fee before departure. So purchase a one way ticket from TSA to SHA and you are good to go. If you purchase and cancel the ticket within the same month, you should receive the refund within the same month your credit card is billed.

To be honest with you, a fake ticket works perfectly fine because they just look at it. They don’t run the numbers or anything, they just visually confirm that you’re leaving.

Hell, the immigration officers don’t have access to GALILEO or any of the booking sites, so they can’t run the numbers to check if the ticket’s real or not. e-tickets probably annoyed a lot of government people, because the format’s not really standard. Especially since some people just use the itinerary.

And buying a real ticket with the intent to cancel it once you’ve used it to enter a country you wouldn’t have been able to enter without the ticket is just another form of fraud, before everyone says ‘but using a fake ticket’s illegal!’. If they knew you were just going to cancel the real ticket once you were in they wouldn’t let you in, because that’s illegal too.

But I totally agree that the recruitment agency is probably sketchy. Why haven’t they applied for a work permit and stuff so you can come in on a real visa? Or provided you with the appropriate letters etc.?

The prerequisite for entering visa-free or on a visitor visa is to have a confirmed onward ticket.
Planning to find a job and change status from visa-free or visitor visa to an ARC is not prohibited, in fact there is a flowchart showing you how to do it on the NIA website. There is nothing wrong with buying an onward ticket with the plan of eventually canceling and refunding it once the status is adjusted from visa-free/visitor visa to ARC.

If you conspire to overstay, that’s a different story. But from what the OP wrote, that is not what he plans to do.