Refused a vasectomy

So, I decided to get a vasectomy. I’m over 50. I already have a child. I’m single, and don’t want any more kids. I want to be responsible.
I told the doctor exactly this today and she replied that I can’t get one b/c I’m not married.
This shocked me.
I pressed the matter.
I could get a vasectomy if a family member signs off on it, but there is only my daughter, who they said doesn’t count.
WTF on all of this.
I’m an adult wanting to make my own decision about my body. I’m already pro-choice, and now I’m having a small taste that issue myself. Welcome to the rest of the world, Mr.Man, I told myself.

Anyway, I’m flabbergasted and stunned.
I’ve seen that other people on this site have gotten vasectomies here in Taiwan. I assume now they are all married men?
Anybody refused a vasectomy here? Is this all true?
What a dumbass law.


Wow, this is quite interesting. never heard of this before. Sorry for your situation, but I bet you could blow this up and make it happen.

I wonder what the laws are on this. I would ask them for proof of such laws. or maybe it’s just a hospital policy?

This is a weird one!

Need permission of wife if married, otherwise need to prove one is not married - 單身證明


Could you please elaborate on this? The source of this info?

Yep. Your Taiwanese spouse literally has your balls in her watch pocket!

I got mine in the US a few years back, just so I didn’t feel so emasculated by having my wife “allow me” to get the snip here in Taiwan.

What is 單身證明? How do I prove I’m single, other than the fact I’m not married? Where does one get that paperwork? lol

that’s a fair point. maybe why it’s mostly hogs here. also pushed into cages so they cant move much.

but back on point, are there laws in Taiwan preventing unmarried folks from this procedure? this sounds so bizarre !

your country of passport. it is actually a common thing. many countries require it before getting married as well.

Same as when one wants to get married in Taiwan. Need single status certificate.

Taiwanese get the ‘Affidavit of Singleness’ from the District Court.
Foreigners depends on their country of origin.

Edit: You may even have to shot around to find a doctor who is willing to do it on an unmarried man. Less likely to find one in big hospitals.

Doctors who do vasectomy will tell you this.


According to this comic only married men can get it?! :thinking:


@mosquitonet123 Here is the law the doctors refer to:



Well, all I can say @OP, is that I am glad you already understand the concept of “my body, my choice”. It’s a bit amusing to me as a woman that this goes both ways in Taiwan. It’s sad that a few old men and one young “Christian” woman decided that’s not a viable concept for anyone in the good old USA…

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It is a shame that people find some way to squeeze American politics into everything


Please note the posted forum rule: serious replies only to medical questions of any nature


My good friend went through the same thing here about ten years ago, and I was shocked as well. He finally was able to get the vasectomy, only because he had a student who was a doctor. That doctor was able to pull some strings for my friend. 關係 wins again.

(By the way, my friend is married now; they have three cat children and are perfectly happy)


The English translation has a typo:

  1. 第一項所定應得配偶同意,其配偶生死不明或無意識或精神錯亂者,不在此限。
  1. The requirement for spouse’s consent as set forth in paragraph 1 above may be dispensed with if his/her spouse is missing, where about unknown, becomes unconscious or deranded.

They meant ‘(mentally) deranged’.

I sent MOJ an email to let them know.

So there is a way :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

bold text in paragraph 3 says unmarried men can have this done, so it seems there are no issues. perhaps the only issue is proof of not being married. it’s a weird law to begin with, but they are not saying no.


Could this not be a blessing in disguise, OP?

Its definitely a violation of your free-will. But I’ve heard stories of men suffering from depression and tiredness after getting snipped.

I would worry, in Taoist terms, that it cuts us off from our male energy, jing, or whatever. In Western medicine, I’d be cautious about testosterone loss.

After you get over the fact that that the Doctor’s approach is patronizing, bureaucratically Kafkaesque, and circularly-logical… fate may have been doing you a favour.


Raw male energy is precious.

Could you not wait a month or two, and research it deeper? Is it urgent. Do you really have xiaojies banging down your door, and clawing you on the MRT?