Refused a vasectomy

This— on a t shirt.

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What would happen if you really got that printed on a nice black T-Shirt, and went round with it for a week? At work, on the MRT, everything.

Sometimes I think Civilization is birthed from the continual interplay of the twin forces of Hypergamy and Testosterone.

IMO testosterone is a literal self-produced drug. It makes men do stupid things to scramble to the top of the pyramid. I once jumped in the Budapest Danube and tried to swim across it to impress a girl. I got 10 meters in, nearly got dragged under by a ripcurrent, and swam back. When I got back to our table, she’d left.

So test is the foundation of who we are as males. If there was even a 10% chance that a vasectomy could lower testosterone, I’d be terrified.

A search on Yandex shows opinion is divided. I definitely respect free choice as per the US constitution, but I’d research it exhaustivly first.

The majority of people here probably couldn’t even read what it says

Testosterone didn’t make you do that, you chose that method. Testosterone just made you want to make the beast with two backs with the girl. How you channel that energy is up to you

Oh now I’m confused are you against the practice or for it?

We’re all confused.

I’m not sure how my post is contradictory, but its a hot day…

Personally I would be extremely wary, but I want to be mindful of not being too didactic. OP has a free-choice to make. Im just advocating a little caution, and maybe a 3 month research phase. Perhaps that nurse helped him out. It comes off as a very final choice. It’s in the interests of the vasectomy industry (which I guess is multi-billion dollar) to cover up and minimize side effects.

Maybe the fact that he was denied, has made him, through the mechanism of reverse psychology, want to get snipped even more.

If anyone got the snip, and then found that test levels were lower, it’d be a drag, to say the least.

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I get your point. I have given up swimming across European rivers, and taken up drumming and duckweed farming. For context, the Danube is (from memory) as wide as the Taipei river at Guandu. Stupid, to say the least.

Channeling testosterone correctly is the art of the male. I talk to guys in their early twenties, and they can seem off their heads sometimes. I just remind myself that they’re drunk on an extremely powerful endogenous substance.

Part of a mid-life crisis is test levels dropping, and the bodily knowledge that you are not invincible and immortal any more.

There are many ways to scavenge more test as you get older: sunlight/Vitamin D/exercise/squats/no fap/stay away from unhealthy carbs…

If a vasectomy would lower precious T levels I’d worry. OTOH, some men are so loaded with the stuff that they might have some to spare.


Testosterone certainly is precious. But having sex without a condom also ain’t half bad. to each their own. Once our baby making plans are done, I’m getting snipped without question. I hate rubbers!