Regarding the ownership of house

I am a foreigner married to my Taiwanese wife ,staying here in Taipei from the past 7 seven years. we bought house in Taipei which is currently under my wife’s name.

I saw here in forum that the right to buy property is generally viewed according to the “reciprocity rule.” In other words if Taiwanese nationals are allowed to buy property in the foreigner’s home country, then the foreigner may buy property in Taiwan.

But according to my home country’s law, foreigner cannot buy property there. In that case,who will be the owner of our house if my wife dies.

Thanks !

Thie situation you mention has just happened to me. My Taiwanese wife has just passed away and we have a house here in her name.

A Lawyer has told me that under the law the foreign surviving spouse is only entitled to 50% of the property the other 50% going to the Taiwanese relatives (sisters, brothers etc.)

I am not sure if this is still the case if the Wife leaves a will giving everything to the husband. You may want to look into this.

Thanks a lot for your information.
I am extremely sorry to hear from you that your wife passed away.

can anyone tell me where I can’t find a list with countries that have this kind of agreement with Taiwan?