Reggae Dancehall & Reggaeton Session

For all the really Reggae Dancehall Massive and the Reggaeton Crew of Taipei, this is a special for you! The O-Brothaz and DJ Morach(Panama) will play alongside each other, for the first time in Taipei at HIPS. If you want to hear the evolution of Reggae from the roots to the present you don’t want to miss this!

Dunhua S Rd. Sction 2 #227 B1

It’s an all you can drink affair! Friday June 22nd. Doors open at 10pm
$400NT with flyer before 11pm(come early and get your stamp)
Ladies $500NT after 11pm
Men $600NT after 11pm

Get flyers at Jahmuna’s Jamaican Stop (02)2740-7009. 381 Renai Rd Section 4, behind 383 Renai Rd. :fume: :laughing: