Region free DVD-ROM drives?

So we know we can get region-free DVD players here, but what about DVD drives for a PC ? Can you get them with a region-free BIOS pre-installed ? Or at least an easy one to burn ?

I’d be interested in knowing about new laptops. Can you get a new laptop with a region-free DVD-ROM?


There are a number of hacks to make the DVD-ROM drives in Macs region-free, but I haven’t found one for their DVD/CDRW “SuperDrive.”

These are Panasonic-made and feature 2X and the recent models offer 4X.

Does anyone know of a Mac, Linux or PC hack that’ll tweak them for region-free operation?

google is your friend:


There are three things you can do:

  1. Find a DVD drive that is already regionless.

  2. Find the hacked firmware for your current drive and change it yourself.

  3. Get a copy of DVDIdle that works around any set region setting. About $40.


Check out Region Killer or some of these other utlities:

you can get region free firmware from

I’ve got the firmware. I do know how to find things on the net :smiley: I was wonder if someone had some Taiwan related experience, or know if any shops sell them pre-burned to save me the hassle, that’s why I’m asking in a Taiwan forum, not a DVD-region-free-Bios forum :unamused:

it takes couple of mins to burn a new one anyways.

Perhaps this thread is dead, but I have some useful information to share.

Almost all of the DVD PC drives (internal, external and combo) made by Liteon can be made region free for free!

You need to download a small patch off the Internet which is called Liteonutil. Find it on this page:

Information about which Liteon drives can be hacked is available on many firmware pages, such as this one: … ufactor=17