Registering a 'foreigner scooter'

This is the situation. I want to buy a cheap scooter. The foreigner who wants to sell it bought it off another foreginer who bought it off another foreigner who… It has still has the ownership papers of the original foreigner whose name it is registered under, and who, of course, has long since left the country. Is there anyway at all of getting the bike signed over to my name? If not, would having the bike and the papers under someone else’s name be a problem?


A copy of their passport and a signed letter from the person… saying they wish to transfer ownership to you

The point is that that person has long since dissapeared into the mists of time. Someone suggested buying a wreck of the same make off a dealer, switching the plates and using those papers. D’ya think that would work?


Maybe but it has to be the same model and engine size and color… I do not think they track stuff here by the engine number on the block… for scooters anyway