Registering a Taiwanese Marriage Certificate in California


I did searches on this site regarding this issue but came up with nothing, so here it goes: has anyone successfully registered or tried to register their Taiwanese marriage certificate in California? I went the California Department of Health Services website (through Google) and found this bit:

[quote]A couple comes into the Recorder

As I understand it, the US automatically recognizes marriages that take place overseas. You don’t need to register your marriage in California - marriage registration is done on the county level only for those couples married in that county

Instead, you should go to the AIT and get yourself an affidavit saying that the US recognizes your marriage. That’s how I did it. Granted, this was back in freer days before the GOP took power in the US; maybe things are more restrictive now.

Thanks for the advice! Looks like AIT still has this service; here’s a link to the Marriage Affidavit document: