Registering an australian baby?

hi all,

New formosan baby coming along in January - half Aussie and half Taiwanese…

Anyway, heaps of questions, any fellow aussies here had a bub with a Taiwanese woman (my wife off course who is not an Australian)? If so, what was the process in registering the baby at the Australian business office like? What did i need and what paperwork is involved and how much?

Also, am i still able to get the Baby Bonus as offered by the Aussie government? This is now in the region of $4,000 AU so I’d like to try and get it. We are planning on going back to Australia once the doctor says the baby is ready and healthy to fly. But i believe the baby needs to be registered before 12 weeks of age in order to receive the baby bonus and i doubt, and prefer, to not fly with a 12 week old baby. So can i apply for the baby bonus from Taiwan?



There is info about this on, not sure exactly where but there is a thread on the topic.

You might want to have a look at this thread: … highlight=