Registration of motorcycle

I wonder how much does it cost new registration of motorcycle.
After you bought without registration in taiwan and renovate it, or from japan.
Is it any problem with registration these illegal motorcycles?


If legally imported from Japan, very difficult and very expensive to register. See this post;
[ … 324#112324](Motorcycle touring
and this post and the ones below it;
[ … 694#113694](Motorcycle touring

If bought without registration in Taiwan, very difficult, probably impossible to subsequently register.

But I have one more question. if I find motorcycle (it means buy some legally , but in not good condition) and I want to refresh it , how much costs parts in Taipei. do you know some stores with parts? Maybe is worth buy parts from second hand.

Khan, what kind of motorbike do you want to renovate? If it’s one of the usual 150 or 125cc models sold in Taiwan then parts are generally readily available and reasonably cheap. Still, if you buy one of these motorbikes and and you have to do major renovation, you’ll probably spend more money than if you had bought one in reasonable condition in the first place.

You could try scrapyards for secondhand parts. Sounds like a lot of trouble though, and in many cases you’d be better off buying new parts.

Can you give me a list of second hand motorcycles in taiwan?
At least the most popular 150 cc between 250. And which are worth to consider?