Are there any free registry-cleaners available on the internet? Is it a good idea to run such a program. I remember one of the gurus saying that he doesn’t play with the registry.

Easy Cleaner is a nice safe easy to use reg cleaner.
And its free.

Thanks. TainanCowboy. I’ve installed it, but how do you use it?

start -> easy Cleaner -> registry -> Find -> Select All -> delete All -> Yes -> Close

-> = click

I use it because it is the safest registry tool I have found. Its very dangerous to mess
with the registry and this tool has been shown to be about the safest, yet effective, tool for use.

AAF, notice that TainanCowboy doesn’t say Easy Cleaner is foolproof. The big hazard in tinkering with the registry is that the effects take place immediately and you can’t undo them.

If you can live with the risk, go ahead. I just want you to be aware of the consequences.

Zardoz, AAF -
I did try to stress that the registry is a very tricky place to be messing about with. I hope that is understood.
The application I mentioned also stresses that fact and emphasizes that it treads very lightly in the registry. It compares its findings with updated lists of known problems that are intrusive and these are what it displays. It also always asks if you want to create a back-up file of items being removed.
From what I’ve seen, this is the safest one to use.
As mentioned, be very careful about changing things in the registry. But known spyware, recognized malware and no longer applicable prog links & libraries can be removed if properly identified.
Caution is always advised.