Regular playgroup

Hi, I am new in Taipei and in this Forum. I have a 9 month old son and I am looking for mummys or a regular playgroup to meet. Anybody knows where to go? Or is anybody interested to organize a private playgroup like once a week? Thanks Laura

Hi Laura,

Welcome to Taipei!

There are regular playgroups that meet weekly. Check out the Parent Pages forum:

There’s lot of good info about life in Taiwan with children, and if you scroll to the bottom, you will see links to click for the playgroups that meet around the city. You can sign up for the mailing list, so that you know where the group is meeting each week (it rotates around–sometimes they meet in a park, sometimes in a home, sometimes at a site like the zoo). You would be more than welcome!

Thank you very much - I will check the site

I can’t find where to sign in for the mailing list

Sent you a PM. By the way, the mailing list might be quiet over summer, but if you want to meet up, just email the list and people should reply and arrange something.

Hi asiababy,

I’m also interested to know more about the playgroups. I’m a first time mom, with a 14 months daughter. Are you able to PM me how I sign up for the mailing list too? :slight_smile:


Hi Asiababy!

Could you include me in the mailing list as well? My email is [color=#008000] [removed by moderator for your protection; please send email addresses and phone numbers by PM, not in publicly visible posts. --DB].[/color]

My daughter and I are looking to join a play group.

Thank you!

Sue Jean

Hi Sue Jean,
I forwarded your message to the people who coordinate the group. You may want to remove your email from your message, I think that might encourage spam to your inbox.