Regulations for Starting a Business with an APRC


I do a bit of Internet marketing and, when I get my APRC, I’d like to register a business in Taiwan. I’ve been reading about minimum sales of $3 million NT, but is that only for a business in which the foreign owner needs an ARC?
Also, what would be the best type of business for Internet marketing? The income is from mixed sources, some sales, some commissions.
Alternatively, I’m a US citizen. Comparing taxes and other costs, would it be cheaper to establish a business in the US and run it from Taiwan?
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AFAIK the NT$3m requirement applies only for business owners with an ARC. Having an APRC allows you to sell burgers in the night market if you want to.

Whether it’s “cheaper” to run your business from the US and open a rep office here depends on exactly what you’re marketing and how much you expect to make. The complexity of business law in Taiwan is probably comparable to the US and taxes are generally lower, but there might be specific reasons why it would be better to register in the US; I’m not familiar enough with that country to comment.


I can’t give you the most accurate or up to date info, as I registered my company more than 5 years ago and the details has left my memory bank. But it is not 3 million. To register your business you need much less. I think I did it with 250k, or 500k, don’t remember. You need to show this balance for 3 months, and then you can remove it. There are accounting companies who can do that, for a fee. Registering your logo is another 5k, if I remember. Also, you don’t need and APRC to register a company.


Unless the law has changed, you need to show income (not profits, IIRC) of NT$3m within 2 years to retain an ARC, which is all but impossible for most businesses. You also need to show an initial investment sufficient to cover operating expenses until you breakeven; presumably, that amount can be as low as your basic living expenses, if it’s just you running the business.

However, the OP doesn’t have to comply with any of these requirements. An APRC gives you employment rights almost equivalent to a citizen.


Thanks! That’s what I wanted to know.