Regulations, permits, insurance for paddling in Taiwan?

Hi, all. I’m an expat from the US and am new to this site. I’ve been in country for ~4 months and have another year (maybe more).

I’ve tried searching the forums here for the information I’m after but haven’t been found it. Hopefully y’all can point me in the right direction. My family and I love to paddle (stand up paddle board and kayak) on calm-ish waters; no white-water stuff. We just got our shipment from the US, including our paddle board. I’m looking to maybe buy some more equipment locally and really explore this wonderful island. But before we head out, I want to know if there are any regulations around water activities – especially paddling.

I’ve been told by one couple they were stopped over on the east side of the island from paddling in a lake until they obtained some insurance or a permit. But others I’ve talked to have not ran in to any issues. I’ve search on tourism board web and googled my way around the net for this topic, but not finding any specifics.

Why am I bothering with so much effort? To make sure our day isn’t wasted traveling to a paddle location only to be turned away by local authority because we’re not prepared.

Thanks in advanced. I do hope someone can point me to an answer soon.


Does this help?

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Fantastic! Thank you.