Rehome my two dogs with a farmer or someone with land for the dogs to enjoy

Where do I post to find a family that might be interested in my dogs?

I think you might be a little confused about how most farmers in Taiwan operate. Of course there are exceptions, but most farmers use dogs as security devices. They tie them in one place or confine them to a cage. I’ve never seen a farmer in Taiwan who let his/her dogs roam the property. Ever. In twenty years.


I’d suggest finding an urban family.
Some rural farmer from the sticks will treat your dog as a work tool at best, and disposable trash at worst. This ain’t Iowa or whatever you’re imagining when you think “farmer.”


Anyway OP, like we’ve all said don’t go with some betelnut chewing farmer. Post about the dog in Facebook groups and find some nice urban Taiwanese family or some ex-pat couple to adopt him. Taiwanese cities still have huge parks.

Thank you, everyone that chimed in. Got some good direction…


I’ve seen people in the suburbs having dogs, they just let them outside on the street in front of the house, roam around, poop anywhere, they don’t care. they feed them, that’s it.

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Nobody in Taiwan ranches like you see in the states. There aren’t enough grasslands for that.

Yea your dog will be chained to a door or caged up and even made into hot pots. Taiwanese eats dogs, and it’s only the city folks that have a problem with it. You’re much better off finding a city folk who will take your dogs.

In the military especially if they have a remote posting will eat a stray dog in the winter.

Even though it’s a crime now!

Mainly from the pressure of animal right groups. Country folks always treated dogs badly, as a security device and little more. City folks just buy expensive breeds as a status symbol.

Never rehome dogs in a farm unless you know for sure he’s going to take good care of it.

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good luck with finding them a home… it can be done but it might be a tall order. you can get a free dog off the streets here after all. and black dogs are the least liked and most common. if your dogs are shiba inus people will want them because they are popular even though their personality doesn’t seem that great for a pet. chihuahaus are quite popular because of how small they are so they are suitible for apartments and being put into hand bags. but bog standard taiwan tugous … it will be difficult.