Reinstalling a video driver on XP

I managed to delete my video driver (seems like I have been deleting a lot of things I’m not supposed to here lately) because the computer made it seem like Windows XP would detect it and reinstall it via Plug and Play. Well, surprise, surprise, I think the driver installation files were also deleted. Is there a particular place I should look to find it or should I give up and take it into the shop (yet again)?

Assuming it’s an on board video card (like many are these days), you would just need the CD that came with your computer’s motherboard.

When I bought my computer they gave me a box with all of the CDs for drivers and things. If you received the same, the drivers you’re looking for should be on one of those.

Someone else might tell you how to get to the Device Manager and see if the name of your video card shows up there. Then you could download the drivers from the corresponding website.

Important is, that you know exactly what VideoCard/Chipset is in your computer, then you can go to the manufacturer webpage and download new, more recent drivers and install those with just a few mouseclicks, that should be easy enough.

Cheers. I will check the website.

Should I have had problems with it though, or was it due to the fact that I was trying to play my Christmas present from America (the third season of Alias) on my dvd-roms? One is set fo region 1 and one is set for region 3, but they both came up with the same error message about permissions. Is there possibly something wrong with the dvd?

Download AIDA32 from the internet. It tells you everything about your PC, including drivers. Just download, install and run it and check to see what isnt there.

Edit: You should also get some firmware for your DVD that lets you reset the number of times you can change region on your DVD. I got some for my Lite-On 4816 and it works a charm.

You might also want to think about getting a good video / audio codec bundle like Nimo, and the latest DIVX bundle. The only bad news is that (I have geard) if your FFDShow codec is gone then you might nedd to do a Windows repair / re-install.

Give us some more info and maybe I can help.

Instead of working on your DVDs firmware you could also get DVD Region Free. That works also great in disableing the RPC2 region protection. For people like us, who are moving around in the world, this stupid region code is a pain in the neck. Anyway, if you change the region code on your DVD 5 times, it will be set to this region for ever. I guess unless you install a different firmware or do other hardware mods. And be aware, installing an unauthorized firmware will void your warranty.

I also use the “DVD Region Free” software. No mucking with firmware and hacking region detection in windows, it just works.