Relationship statistics

How would you best describe your romantic life in Taiwan?

  • I’m happily married or defacto.
  • I’m in a steady relationship.
  • I’m single but searching for something solid.
  • Ha! Love!? Love is for illegal English teachers!
  • I’m single but searching for something casual.
  • I ‘see’ someone, but we’re not together.
  • I’m exploiting the bodies and minds of young girls/boys. (I’m hairy too.)

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Thought I might add to the ‘Have you ever cheated?’ poll.

Given that not all of us can cheat, (either due to the imminent risk of castration, or simply because we have no one to cheat on) I thought it only fair to enquire as to how the rest of the population spends their love lives.

Has anyone become completely disenchanted with the whole business of romance in Taiwan? Or perhaps, compared to your home country, chances of finding love here are considerably better…

I’ll be the first to admit there are too many forums (generally dominated by guests) discussing how many banana daquiris it takes to get a 17 year old Taiwanese girl into bed, so let’s not make this one of those… :smiling_imp:

Not married. In a steady relationship, but I wouldn’t describe my relationship as “defacto marriage.” Only six months into it - No daquiri buying involved.