Relaxing Bar in Taipei?

Hey guys I’m looking for a nice small laid back bar in Taipei. Needs to be a place I can take clients, good music and friendly atmosphere. Prices aren’t a big deal, but good music and food is a necessity! Am I asking for too much here in Taipei?

p.s. Gotta give the Forumosa gang some love. I’m a new member and I’m enjoying the convo here thus far. Very helpful and interesting to say the least! Kudos to you all! :thumbsup:

I’m sure that such places exist, in fact there are many in Taipei. But perhaps you might be a bit more specific…Do you want to talk serious business with clients, finalize / end negotiations in a friendly way, feel them out, or just entertain them? What kind of clients? Taiwanese? Japanese? Americans? How old? Of what rank? What kind of ambiance are you looking for - lounge barry, ex pat drinkers, spicy girls, a mix of any of the above or other, a place where everyone minds their own business? What time of night do you think you’ll be going out? How will you be dressed? Not to nit pick, but this would help us give you some solid recommendations.


I reckon you might enjoy Voice which is located in the alley directly behind Brass Monkey (Nanjing/Dunhua). Friendly staff, good amount of seating (outside and inside) and the music is not overbearing so you can have a good conversation.
Hmm… where else? Citizen Cain has good food and mean mojitos! There are a few nice places on Anhe Road which are well worth checking out like Organo, Mono Mono, People and Ichi.
I’m sure there are plenty more, but that ought to do you for a while :slight_smile:

America, Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwanese people as well. No girly joints for sure I happen to know where they all are already! :discodance: Attire will be relaxed, not Citizen Caine relaxed though, dress pants and a collar shirt. Thinking more of a nice lounge bar, again ambiance and food are both a huge factor as well. Casual talking, not really business, just taking guys to have a nice time hearing good music and enjoying a night out in Taiwan. I guess a nice feel good joint would have to be what I’m trying to say here.

I think your best bet would be Anhe road. I’d recommend you just do a reccy by walking up it from Heping to Xinyi and find a place you like. Steavagan’s suggestions may serve you well. There’s also a business casual bar at the Dan Ryan’s restaurant at the corner of Nanjing E Rd and Dunhua N Rd, and they always play vintage jazz. There is also JB’s on Shida road which is a proper English pub with a proper English publican. Good food but a bit sportsy at times. I’m afraid that good music is often the problem in Taipei.

You could try Opus on Civil Blvd.

Or for something a little less ‘hip’ (pretentious) but maybe a little queer, a random name popping up in my head is Sofa (Zhongxiao Dunhua MRT, exit 2, first lane left) or, just a few doors down in the same lane, Bed, which is small but kind of novel. All are good places for talking with music that deviates from the standard shit and is played at an acceptable volume.

I’ve never been but you could also try the Marco Polo Lounge in the Shangri-La.

Or Brown Sugar, next to the Outback Steakhouse on Sungren Rd. Jazzy place, good for talking and live music. Opposite that, next to Room 18, there’s In House which is also a possibility.

It’s not a bar but a really great restaurant that’s open until late (1 am) and has the same feel as a lounge bar, with good music played at the right volumes, is “Very Thai” (fei chang tai, 非常泰). It’s on Fuxing North Rd. just near the last stop on the brown (Muzha) line.
319 Fu Hsing North Road
Taipei 105 Taiwan
+886 (0)2 2546 6745

Just a few suggestions

You’re right BigJohn - Forgot about Dan Ryan’s, nice, good bar with very decent music. JB’s was decent and the food was ok, but found the owner to be a bit crass. I think Brown Sugar has great food and ambiance, but too loud for great convo. Been to Ziga Zaga in the Hyatt, love it there, but just too loud and seems to be all hookers there now.

I would highly recommend Tone 56 Live Bar on Minchuan East Road. You can’t go wrong. Nice place…nice people…good food…good music. You can sit at the bar or away from the bar or outside if you want. The Forumosans had their last Happy Hour there. They have a My Space page and they are also on Facebook. It has a good vibe and a nice mix of foreigners and locals and many business people go there.

I like Brown Sugar. Up-market but reasonably priced. Food excellent and decent portions. If the loud music bothers you, just request a side room or go when the band isn’t playing.