Release Letter -- need urgent advice!

Can somebody please give me some advice? I left the employment of a school after 12 months (October 2003) of working there. It was 1 month before my ARC was to expire. The school did not cancel my ARC, they only let it run out.
I returned to Taiwan recently and found employment at a new school. In order to apply for a new ARC, the new school needs a government document from the old school saying that I used to work there. That school now refuses to forward the document to my new school. It means that I can not get a new ARC and that I would have to leave Taiwan. Does anybody know what I can do?

Report them to your local labor board. Usually threatening to do this is enough. You can search this forum for the address and phone number of the Taipei Labor Board. Let me know if you need the address and telephone number for another city.

Do you have the number for the Tainan County labour board? I could sure use it. I’m going through some severe problems. It’s been a year already and I’m tired of going to learn Chinese.