Release Letter

I was working in Tainan County in the village of Bai He at Jason’s Language Institute. I was let go and my ARC was cancelled. I thought it was cool. I went to school in Taipei for a year and learned Chinese. Recently I decided to go back and join the work force, a year to the day when I signed my contract. The Taipei ministry of education informed me that I needed a letter of release. However when I contacted my former employer they said they were not legally obligated to do so. What can I do? I thought about retaining a lawyer. Pleading with the Tainan MOE. Any ideas or help would be great.

I would ask the Ministry of Education to contact the school on your behalf because the school told you they didn’t want to do it. There may be some legal action the MOE can take against your previous employer, although I doubt anything will happen. I’m not sure if they are or are not legally obligated to do so, but you can try using teh MOE as your weapon.

The MoE is only interested in assisting buxibans, not teachers.