Reliably shipping things from the US to Taiwan?

Is there a reliable way to ship something to Taiwan that doesn’t require my signature but ensure 99.9% that it won’t get lost along the way?

I think I should’ve gotten two mails already but they’re nowhere to be found. Also my apartment building doorman does not sign anything and he never calls, he just leaves the mail out in the open for a few days then throws them out. I do not have a dedicated mailbox (my unit used to be for commercial purpose).

Is there some facility I can fedex stuff to and pick them up? Maybe the post office and they can sign for it?

Have a look inside the tent? Padded envelopes stacked with cash makes a good mattress.

If he don’t sign, the parcel shouldn’t it go back to the hub/post office or sender?

Guess you can use post restante? Or easier to use a neighbour or friends address?

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  1. You can get a PO box from the post office
  2. Many workshare places will give you a mailing address there for 1000/month

Is there a good reliable international shipper? I absolutely can’t lose the item. Maybe UPS?

Ups or FedEx express.

DHL has always worked for me. From most of the US its 1 day to its Cincinnati hub, another day to Hong Kong, then a day or two to Taipei.