Religious Debate tonight at 7 on BBC

For all interested… Tony Blair will be debating “Is Religion a force for good in the world?” with some other dude (Chris… something… he must be a damned good speaker if he’s being put up against Tony Blair, who, despite all of his faults as PM, is a fantastic speaker and a highly intelligent man).

Should be VERY interesting viewing.

7.10 PM HK Time (A.K.A. Taiwan Time) BBC World. Simultaeneously broadcast to other countries, you’ll need to check the time according to your time zone.

Being rich is good. The more people there are who are rich, the better. They’ll drag the feckless poor up. That’ll be Tony’s argument, won’t it? Do I need to listen?

You sound like my mum. “Tony Blair? He’ll be debating for the evil side, right?”


I haven’t heard intelligent debate in a while. I’m excited! Of course, I may be on here ranting 10 minutes in after turning the TV off in disgust, but hopefully it will at least be a little bit interesting.

The other dude would be Christopher Hitchens, if this is the debate that took place in Toronto in November. And one would need quite some faith to believe that Blair is a “fantastic” speaker.

I don’t know, that sweaty shirt performance may well have been a turn-on for some.

Last time I heard him speak was several years ago, and he was a very good speaker.

Didn’t do quite so well today … WOW Christopher Hitchens is good. Though I did get the impression that he was preaching to the converted.

Liked the Northern Ireland anecdote (a man in a balaclava pulled a gentleman out the car, stuck a gun to his head and demanded to know: Are you Catholic or Protestant?? Ans: I’m an Jewish Atheist. Man: Uh… are you a Catholic Jewish Atheist or a Protestant Jewish Atheist?), but didn’t really learn much from the debate. The final question (Can you point out the good parts of your opponents’ argument?) was excellent.