Relocating Personal Trainer


I’m English and currently living in the UK with my Taiwanese girlfriend. Her visa is up next year and we was both thinking to move to Taiwan together, either in her home city of Chiayi or Taipei.

I am currently a Personal Trainer and I am trying to find out what’s a better option, id prefer to continue in the same profession but if I must I will consider taking a job teaching English. I do have a degree but if I need a TEFL or TESOL to greatly improve chances I will take a course.

The visa is another thing I have no idea about.

My mandarin is limited but I’m learning quickly.

If anyone can help if they know much about the fitness industry in Taiwan and if I can earn enough to make a living from. Any advice or experiences will help greatly.

P’s I’m also a professional sports coach for table tennis.

Teaching English would be more profitable. It will also allow you to find the time enrolling in an intensive chinese class.

To be a successful personal trainer, you will need to be fluent in chinese. Not that many wealthy foreigners in Taiwan to make a living off them.

Table tennis is doing well in Taiwan but I doubt they have a need for a foreign coach.

teaching english would be your most profitable bet, allowing you to also focus on your chinese skill.

You have a degree so getting a working visa from a school won’t be an issue.

Thank you for replying. I have done abit of research and it would seem that you are right. Its only next year I’m going so I will spend the rest of this year saving and improving my Chinese.

How long before I plan to go would it be advisable to search for a job. I would prefer to have one lined up before I leave. People say it is relatively easy for a native speaker to find a job. But I would prefer to not leave it to chance. Any websites or companies that take on that provide decent pay for a degree and no TESOL would be appreciated?

Also would I get a higher pay if I did have a TESOL or TEFL qualification on top of a degree?

Thanks again.

Try to apply for jobs 2 months before departure but from what I read on Forumosa, only big chains or agents are hiring from abroad and it seems that they don’t offer the best $$$

There are english schools on every streets in Taipei so I’m sure you will get something within 1~2 months. I even remember seeing some whitties passing bushiban flyers on the street once! I had to take some pics :smiley:

Anyway, since I’m not a teacher I cannot tell you how useful is it to have a tesol. But I guess, more qualifications = more $$$