Relocating Songshan


I am unsure what you are talking about here. In my view, the resolutely lowrise Minsheng Community (including the lovely Fujin Street) is one of the most pleasant and spatially distinctive parts of Taipei. I can just imagine developers lobbying officials to get their grubby hands on this part of Taipei to building more vulgar highrises–thankfully currently impossible due to the presence of the Songshan Airport.



Do you mean Bin Jiang Rd where all the car repair shops are? It’s not too pleasant, but does it have to be? Or do you mean the government buildings east of the China Airlines training buildings?


yea i mean that area, as i said east of yuan shan until the airport. even though there are a lot of parks there its out of the way, nobodys using them. minsheng community is south of the airport, and of course i didn’t mean that.

does that area need to be pleasant? no? just seems a bit weird to me to have such a crappy area so centrally located. its a nice location too, near the river and close to mountains. just seems like a waste. i would relocate the airport without hesitating. and whats vulgar about the high rises? destroying the views i can see, but other than that they generally look nicer than the older buildings that go up to 6 floors. they are all plastered in window cages and corrugated iron additions.


It definitely is unpleasant, but I do like how there’s no traffic lights there. If I get the chance to take that road home, I do it to avoid the crowded city.


In the abstract, nothing. In actuality, the vulgar part includes developers cutting down trees, blocking the sky, and messing around with airflow. The ridiculous Greco-Roman statues festooning the resulting highrises simply add salt to the many wounds.



Not to mention they are nothing but mosquito halls, in other words, sold to greedy “investors” still waiting for that big pie in the sky when troops, oops, sorry, groups of fellow compatriots from China finally can buy their houses prizef at gaxillion xillion. Because Taipei prices are inflated so much no one but the ones that already have 8 properties could buy new highrises in Taipei city proper. And with the lower birth rate and even lower salaries, the last thing we need is more mosquito halls.


lol i totally agree with the tasteless decoration. the other points too. but for a place to live i would choose the new ones. i think they are less of an eyesore too compared with the old.