Relocating to Taiwan

I am considering relocating to taiwan. The first thing I would need would be an IT job. What would be the best way of finding IT work that would allow me to relocate to Taiwan mainly in the Taipei area.

The best way to get a DECENT job would be to look where you are now for companies wanting you to re-locate to Taiwan. That way, they’d be more likely to pay you well for the sacrifice they would think you’re making for them, and you would get better holidays, etc too.

are there any professional IT recuriters in Taiwan that can help me. If so does anyone know how I should contact them?

Try Rail Personnel. They specialised in recruiting for the High Speed Rail project, which included IT based work, and also recruit for other companies such as Toshiba, Ericsson…

any others I really want to try and relocate to Taiwan this summer

You don’t say how good your Chinese is or what type of job you are looking for (IT is just a bit vague). But you could always try Unless you read Chinese you’ll probably need help but it’s a start.

Out of curiosity I took a look at the IT jobs on Rail Personnel. Pretty sparse. Interestingly two (1, 2) out of the three vaguely interesting IT jobs listed had “local Taiwanese” as a requirement. The third (3) was just incoherent.

Ah well.