Remedy for insomnia

If you can’t sleep by night I’m sure this will help you:

The best remedy for insomnia is to read a book. It really helps. Back in 2012 I literally lost sleep. I was working 11 hrs a day even on Sundays. I should have slept by it was day end, but I did not it took me another 4 hrs to get sleep. Since, then I took this habit of reading a book every night. It has helped me to a greater extent I must admit.

Reading a book will take me a few days, so sleeping is not in it.

The best thing against insomnia for me is doing yoga for better brain circulation. I try to do some simple relaxing asanas before sleep time to relax and sleep better. Also, I drink some herbal tea as camomile, linden or just green tea with mint. Sometimes warm bath helps, as it relaxes all the muscles. As for reading a book, I think it’s not the best way out, as if it is a gripping one, it won’t let you sleep the whole night!

Muscle relaxeerrrrrrrrr…


I tried doing beer yoga for a while, but kept falling over and then I had to wipe the floor and the neighbors complained about the noise. So now I am back to just having a nightcap.

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exercise, 4-5 days a week, at least 45mins each time
i find it harder to fall asleep when i have not exercised that day.
can’t stay awake in bed after an easy 30km cycling ride on a given day.

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