Remember the pure-bred Shiba Inu?

I ended up getting her. She is so well behaved…I managed to train her quickly. She has such a great temperament. I took her to a vet immediately, who gave her a clean bill of health.

I took her for 3 walks a day, and saw that her hips weren’t working the way they should…she was swaying. I took her to another vet who gave me the bad news.

Due to her being locked in a cage for 6 months, then tied up in an empty apartment for another 6 months, her hips never formed properly. She also has a genetic knee problem, which isn’t that bad. The hip problem is huge, instead of balls, it looks like an onion that had a bit sliced off…and theres an inflamation too.

So she will need a NT$ 300 000 hip replacement when she gets a bit older. I really hate this. I tried to give her the freedom she deserves, and it will be shortlived. I’m definitely going to give her the operation…even if I have to go door-to-door or jump in the van with that crazy Taiwanese dog fanatic.

[quote=“Redmenace”]My wife’s younger sister just moved to Germany, and her parents are looking for a good home for her dog. It’s a purebred Shiba Inu, I know my sister-in-law paid around $30,000 for it. She’s a female, about a year old. I’ve got her breeding certificates and a little green health book from the vet. Her name is “Sambuca”, as in the liquer, but I don’t think she even knows her name.

I’d love to see this dog go to a good, loving home. She’s spent her life up until now in rather cruel conditions, tied up in a dark apartment close to 24 hours a day. It’s actually disgusting. I don’t think the dog has ever been for a walk. She still seems to be happy, though, and she’s very cute. I wanted to take her myself, but my wife does not want a dog in our apartment.
Yes, this one, I remember.

Battery9, first of all, you’re a real sport for taking her in. Secondly, if there’s anything you need help with, feel free to let know. We will support you throughout Sambuca’s surgery and recovery.


I will go to Asiaworld today. Everyone can meet her. I’m going to get the money by begging on the streets and turning my scooter into a Save Sambuka campaign!!!

I have at least 2 years…

good job with the poor little doggy. I am sure you will be an excellent owner for her



I went to another vet. He said that Shiba Inus are small enough to not be bothered by it too much. I should keep her as thin as possible so that her legs doesn’t have to work so hard. She also needs a good diet and daily medicine for the rest of her life. She will be affected by this for the rest of her life, but hopefully she won’t be in too much pain.

Thanks to everyone who worried:) It isn’t over, but easier to deal with right now!

I’m glad for you and Sambuca. We spoke at AsiaWorld last Sunday. She is really very beautiful. We always like to know about good vets. If you don’t mind, at which vet did you get your second opinion?

I took her to 3 vets in one week. This one really did a lot to check her out. The others poked at her and gave her a clean bill of health…the second one did find her knee problem and sent her for X-rays, but this 3rd doctor really covered every inch. He checked out her paws, pads, vag, nose, eyes, abdomen etc.

BUT it’s definitely the worst office I’ve ever been in. I could hardly hear because there were about 17 dogs in cages barking right next to the vet’s desk. And the table he checked her out on was basically in the doorway, where there is a pet grooming area. Pooches being shaved and bathed…cats meowing, a parrot, a gerbil…a FAT dog jumping around…customers. It was like a scene out of a movie. It seems like he can’t say no to sick animals.

I’m not sure of the adress, or his name, he is one of my student’s dad, and it’s around the corner from my school. Da-an Road. I will check the address tomorrow…but it was insane in there! Pretty nice that he said no to surgery though. I would think that most people just want to cash in on sick animals.

You’d be surprised - a lot of vets here won’t touch cases they feel might not turn out a success, (in case it looks bad on them and damages business, I guess).

Hi Battery9, beautiful dog!!! I saw her at the Asiaworld event but was too busy manning the tables to meet you. I sincerely applaud your concern and persistence on this issue! Sambuka is one lucky pup to have an owner who cares as much as you! Hope we’ll get a chance to meet this Sunday…


I will bring her around on Sunday again. She is pretty much taking care of her problem by just being herself. She chose the right person at school to snuggle up to. Sat on her lap and gave her little kisses and today the woman dropped of this formula for dogs that helps with bone growth…

I’m trying to think of a better way to transport her on my scooter…any ideas?


Be very careful about giving any bone growth supplements. This is one of the leading causes of hip dysplasia. If it’s some kind of calcium supplement, it will actually speed up the growth of bones but also make them weaker.

What’s most important for your dog is a restricted diet, to prevent her putting on weight, and providing food with the correct calcium-phosphorous ratio. ‘Puppy growth’ formulas are not what you want to be giving.

Do a google search for “hip dysplasia” “calcium to phosphorus ratio” and you will see what I mean.

As I said before, you should start looking at a natural diet for Sambuca, as the ratios are perfect and the protein source is excellent (for muscle development).

Good luck!


Is there anything about dogs you DON’T know? :laughing:

Check out his wrist if you see him on Sunday. :wink:
Did you get that tetanus shot, Stray Dog?

I used to get them in order to play with all the street cats in Stellenbosch. They last a couple of years…well worth it.

Check out his wrist if you see him on Sunday. :wink:
Did you get that tetanus shot, Stray Dog?[/quote]

Yes, I now know that you shouldn’t let a new mum see you holding her recently deceased pup. :s

I learn everything the hard way, by making mistakes, which is why I know so much. :blush:

Sigh. Doesn’t that quote belong in the Dating & Relationships section?

Well, my lesson for tonight was that brand new books not even taken out of the paper bag shouldn’t be left on high counters.

How should I punish her? I don’t want to hit her.


Oh dear…look at that innocent face…sigh…
Sorry, what was your question?