Reminiscing about Taiwan. Care to join?

The Nanshan theater is currently being renovated, but the Jingmei Jiajia is open, and there’s also a second run theater in Banqiao.


Agreed. I thought the same the first time I saw them. I was shocked they were only selling beutel nuts. Honestly though, after trying the beutel nut myself, I undertood why they needed the beauties to sell. Marketing at it’s finest. With an open mind, old Taiwan was fantastic to experience.


Rats gotta eat too.




I did 5 years in Taiwan between 2014-2019, and now this year is 5 years since I left.

I do have fond memories of Taiwan, the friends I made, the experiences I got to enjoy, but I always knew inside that it was a point in my life and I never considered it to be a permanent home.

Career-wise, I did do a corporate job in Taiwan and the experience I attained from it helped me land my next job but ultimately, the job itself was a step back in terms of development and salary than what I would have been exposed to in my home country.

Everything else about Taiwan was experience and exposure I would never get back home and I value that a lot.

Nowadays, I live as an expat elsewhere but still have good relations with friends from Taiwan, some of which I still see when they visit me.


They might do soon if the Tory’s get kicked out. Those non negotiating swines.

Everything is illegal in the US if they want it to be. It’s just a matter of whether or not it’s your fifteen minutes to be an enemy of the state.

since American beer already piss, why watering it down more?


You’re thinking of the mass market swill like Budweiser and Coors. The U.S. has a huge variety of excellent craft beers.


Which still taste of piss, just slightly stronger piss.



this, really started to hate all these bloody microbrewers/craft beers. Especially IPAs. Fuck IPAs, sick of them. All taste the same tbh, made with the “powder”, all the same aftertaste of rancid peach to me.

I just want a friggen lager when hot and thirsty, which tastes like lager (or a helles if fancy), and a stout/porter when colder to nurture meself.

Weissbeers can disappear overnight and I won’t miss them.


Nothing beats my arrival into Taiwan story because I was already freaked out before I even got off the plane !

Let me find a link for it somewhere.




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F@ckin craft lager.

Like bidens son.

This ladies and gentlemen is what I saw.


I guess I was lucky to have lived in Taiwan when it was wild and woolly

Now maybe Vietnam maybe somewhat like what Taiwan was anyone know

How about the Philippines ?

Always had that edge to it

Maybe Taiwan is becoming a cross between Singapore and Japan
And that’s probably a good thing but the rowdiness is toned down

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You should come back for a visit and make a forum thread of your observations. I dont think its anywhere as organised or clean as those countries. But its definitely a step up from vietnam. Went there recently and it definitely gave me a little bit of the old china vibe.

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I remember that day, I was in Taipei (Tucheng) for about a two week visit (did not live here yet) my friend in Tucheng said Typhoon is near I should go back my hotel in Taipei city quicky after dinner, next day saw news of the crash with messages too (no line then too). After that she mentions to me a lot not to fly when a Typhoon is coming. (Years later I also had a scary flight from Hong Kong to KHH with a Typhoon near, same day there was a crash in Penghu)


Taichung early 21st century


That’s right Drink Coffee !!