Remove "Women's Forum" Link

Is there any way to remove the “Women’s Forum” link from the top of this page for I and all male Forumosa users? I am male, of course.

Thank you,

Ben Edge (Changjiang750 aka Cheung-Gong 750)

Why? Does it bother you that much? It’s a link. Just don’t click on it, if you don’t want to.


Not really, it is just annoying. I’ll ignore it.


One way would be to first ask everyone to tell us what their sex is, and then write some special code that would blank out that link if the logged-in Forumosan is one of them.

I have 2 problems with this

  1. Blanking out the link doesn’t seem compelling enough to go through all this effort - even if we asked everyone to tell us what their sex is, we still would have to screen whether someone is a woman or not for access to the Women’s Forum
  2. I have a long-awaited upgrade of the software in the works, so changes like this will have to be re-done anyway

Sorry, bro :idunno:

I am getting constant ads for this. I had never heard of it until recently, but it is nonstop now. Ironically, the ad calls it “exclusive.” So exclusive that it is advertised to everyone, including men?

Jebus, nobody complains about the constant “JD Medical Translation” ads, even for people who aren’t sick or who already are fluent!

It’s a freaking ad, you probably ignore hundreds of other ads each day; maybe do some reflection on why you’re bothered by that one.


Meh. I don’t get those ads, I guess, and I can’t say I’m particularly bothered by these. I thought those who are sponsoring these might want some feedback on how they seem to be missing their target demo, though, so I searched for a thread about it and found this one. I actually think it’s great that the forum exists, but weird that they are targeting me so aggressively for it when I’m fairly confident they wouldn’t actually want me to join. Seems like wasted expense at the very least.

I mean, this is what I see every. Single. Time. I sign into this forum, without fail. Shall we consider discussing the definition of the word “exclusive”? If you’re constantly begging a man to join a women’s forum, it’s probably not exclusive.

You know you can just click in the top-right corner and tell Google you’re not interested in seeing that ad, yeah?

I’ve just done it, and now I’m back at the one for safe, fun, and borax-free Wow Slime.


I didn’t know that. Thank you for the tip



Of course the Desktop version doesn’t show any ads when an Ad-Blocker is in use. Sadly, there don’t seem to be any effective Ad-Blockers for Mobile phones yet.

I think we’re not allowed to speak about ad-blockers here. I once got flamed for doing it.

Why would someone flame you for talking about ad-blockers? Any idea who did that?

I don’t recall, but I got some curt, robotic message along the lines of “Forumosa relies on advertising for our revenue. Don’t encourage ad-blocking here”.

Could have been me perhaps, but those days are long gone. Talk away

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Poster, know thyself. :laughing:

They don’t pay me enough to waste time sugar coating stuff. lol

Even I got a tshirt!

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