Removing CKS statue from Taitung Airport means =?

Hey if they keep removing statues of CKS, wouldn’t it stand to reason to rename the CKS airport to something else? LIke Taoyuan Airport?

Or are they going to name it the DPP airport or ChenShui Bien airport?

uhhh…(it’s already named Taoyuan International Airport) shhhhh…


Or maybe that modest man Terry Guo wants to name it after himself if he gets elected?

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On the plus side, it wouldn’t be that far to move the statue to Cihu Park (also in Taoyuan) to join many of its friends. : D

EDIT: I know see the statue would need to travel all the way from Taitung. So much for convenience!


Tommy, the airport was renamed like 15 years ago…

Taking down the statue just means we are no longer idiolizing a dictator who single handedly condemmed Taiwan to doom by refusing a seat in the UN next to China. He was given a choice at normality and chose a delusion. His pride was stronger than his duty as president, so there is no need to keep on demanding being worshipped as a god.


The surprising thing is that even the North Koreans weren’t that delusional and took their seat.

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Imagine if the ROC had. It is an interesting IF to ponder.

Maybe there wouldn´t have been that much pressure to go the democratic way, maybe we woudl be worse off. Or maybe we would be living much better, without having boosted China´s economy after 89 and invested more in Taiwan, without the manufacturing exodus in 2000+.


What/When exactly are you referring to?

As for “delusion,” yes, but I would caution anyone interested in understanding modern Taiwan history to understand that the “delusion” was often just strategic and for public (domestic and/or international) consumption.

The delusion is that the Republic of China will someday reconquer the Mainland.

When ROC was booted from UN, CKS was gievn teh option of having a seat for PRC and one for ROC, he sent them to hell, they closed teh door on his tail.


I feel like I’ve missed something. Did this happen? The ROC had the Chinese seat until 1971. Were they offered a seat in 1971 (and, if so, I’m wondering why I didn’t know this).

And hence one of the many things people were not told/taught/know.

Back after lunch—

Some hardcore anti-KMT locals believe this is the case.
(Basically everything is Chiang’s fault)

No actual records of so.
I understand UN (and the world) simply scratch off the “China” seat from KMT-Rep of China to CCP-PR China based on United Nations General Assembly Resolution 2758, passed on 25 October 1971.

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FYI, the only country voluntarily withdraw from the UN is Indonesia in 1965.
However by 1966, local government changed and resumed its original position.

About United Nations General Assembly Resolution 2758…
The first proposal by Albania to assign “China” seat to CCP-PR China and remove KMT-ROC only rejected by primarily western allied countries.

(Majority newly independent third world countries support this proposal).

For Taiwan/ROC/Formosa/Chinese Taipei/our rock, there is no other option because the second proposal (by US) of Two Chinas are rejected due to cannot reach supermajority.

Ok back to cks airport is it still officially cks ?

Tommy, it was renamed during the Chen Shui-bian era. Since then it’s been called Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (airport code TPE).

Come back and visit us some time and see if for yourself!



@tommy525 Changed name just 8 days before you joined Forumosa.

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Heard a KMT official arguing that CKS did not have dictatorial powers because he was annoyed that they kept erecting statues. busts and portraits of him in official locations, and ordered it to stop, but they didn’t listen to him and kept putting his likeness everywhere and he couldn’t prevent it, so proving he wasn’t a dictator.


Think there has been only three Generalissimo of note

All three were dictators

I thought the correct plural was Generalissimi, no?

I thought it’s full name is Taipei Taoyuan International Airport.