Removing oil stain from shoe

I seem to have a curse, in that every time I buy some nice new article of clothing, I manage to ruin it within a few days. This time, I got a drop of two-stroke motor oil on my new left shoe. It’s not huge, but it’s very noticeable, and I’d like it gone. I’ve been dabbing it with damp tissue paper to keep the stain from setting, but I’m not sure how best to remove it. Would getting a toothbrush and scrubbing it with laundry detergent or dish soap (apparently good against oil) work?

Here’s the stain… I’m not sure how much is oil and how much is water:

Yeah, oil and water… that’s not going to work. Two-stroke motor oil’s pretty heavy-duty stuff as far as stains go. Best bet is to go with a leather-specific cleaner, but even then, lots of luck.

I’d suggest trying a good shoe cleaner, then getting some shoe polish.
Next time,get the shoe polish on first; it’ll give a measure of protection.

Well I guess shoe cleaner would make sense… :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I’ll take a walk down to the mechanic and ask him if he has any tips first.

I’m guessing: “Wear blue flip-flops.”

Try moistening and applying a liberal coating of corn starch (corn flour) One or two apps should do the trick. I might also add some dish soap to my moistening water.

Well I just bought some generic shoe cleaner and applied it a few minutes ago… we’ll see how it looks once it’s dried.

Does the cornstarch thing really work? I just assumed it was an old wives’ tale.