Removing remains of New Year couplets

Hi guys, it’s me again. There are so many smart, handy people in this forum that I am both severely tempted and embarrassed to bring this rather unimportant issue to your attention.

Every year, I decorate my door with New Year couplets. About two years ago, I followed the landlord’s instructions, and used some kind of rice glue mix to paste some traditional ones. Problem is when their time was up, they wouldn’t come down.

I just pasted the new ones on top of what I couldn’t tear down -using double side tape. That worked before but this year I do not have a “top” header couplet, and it does not look nice.

I’ve tried every trick on the Net, even mayonaisse. I even took a knife to the door -stopped when it started leaving marks, duh!

Any ideas? :smiley:

For removing of the sticky stuff try scraping it off with a razor blade, but be very careful with that.

For sticking use blu-tack, easy to remove and leaves no mark.

Boiling water and plenty of it. Its only rice glue. You just need patience.

Do you have a steam iron? You might try steaming it starting at one end, and slowly peeling it off. I haven’t done this, mind you, but I’d try it. Next time definitely don’t use that glue. Little curls of tape work fine and are easy to remove.

Boiling water on a door? :astonished: Actually, that could work.

Dunno about the razor blade, there is only the white part left and it is really thin. Same problem with vapor, but anything is worth a try.

Thank you so much!

I would use an abrasive cleanser like Comet or Ajax.

Only a white residue of glue is left? Sandman’s solution might be better, then. You can put some old towels on the floor, then put a heavily insulated winter glove on, then cover that with plastic bags, then take a green & yellow scrub pad and dip it in boiling water, then gently scrub at the residue, with patience, until it dissolves. Remember that boiling water runs downhill, so you’re better off working on a stepladder so you don’t have to raise your arms. Work from above.