Rename the island

Taiwan, let’s face it, the name has been done and lacks pazazz. Let’s get to work on a renaming campaign for Taiwan. The whole “made in Taiwan” thing detracts from the islands image, let’s change that shall we.

If Taiwan is going to change it’s name from the R.O.C to something else let’s make it a good name, something that will really put this place on the map.

Formosa - it’s been done
Taiwan - the name has been ruined by years of making crappy toys.

Any suggestions?

How about “Boss Hogg” ? That name’s free now.
or “Big Fluffy Taiwan” ? It worked for me.
“Bob” - short and snappy

Considering that “Mordor” is right across the way, I suggest we rename this island Minas Tirith.

[quote=“Big Fluffy Matthew”]
“Bob” - short and snappy[/quote]

“Bob” - I can see the travel brochures now. “Come, have a great time on Bob!”
“Bob - value for money”
“Tired, go to Kenting and lie down on Bob”

Perhaps “Bobbie” would be better. It’s cute and we’d probably get more blonde California beach babes arriving here with a name like “Bobbie” or “Barbie”. Taiwan has a shortage of foreign babes, am I right? How do we attract this neglected portion of the market?

Would you need a visa to enter Bob ?

An option that the US protectorites might like is to rename it something US related.

Any suggestions? Bushiana? Cheneytopia? Rummistaria? West California?

New national anthem. How about “Betel Bailey won’t you please come home?”

Seriously, what did the native tribes call this place before the pirates, bandits, Fujian immigrants and Dutch colonisers got here?

[quote=“Big Fluffy Matthew”]Would you need a visa to enter Bob ?[/quote] ROTFLMAO

Bob will cost you more than a few Bob.

Just to avoid confusion another new name for the Island could be “Not China”. That could be good for one airline - “Not China Airlines”. “What airline do you want to fly?” “Not China Airlines”, and so with a little tricky advertising “Not China Airlines” formerly “China Airlines” gets a truck load of new passengers.


How about Erewhon? That’ll really confuse the Reds.

How about-
Ilha Caótico (or Caótica… sorry… never did understand gender in languages like Portuguese).

betel nut island and nantou county can become the new capital


7th Fleet Gas Stop


Cerebrus’ Doghouse


I was going to suggest this but then thought it might zip right by our Teutonic friends and the thread degenerate into Erewhoner vs Erewhonese. (sigh) Best intentions and all that… :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I think they should sell naming rights to the highest bidder–you know, like sports stadiums do in the U.S…? So we could end up with a Coca-Colastan, or a Banana Republic.

No, just a Trojan horse.

7th Fleet? I can see the headlines now: Bob braced for influx of seamen.

  • Chaotopia?
  • Kickback, as in I’m going to kickback on my holiday.
  • Home, let’s just call it home until we can find a better name or a better place to live.

The Republic of Lickidy Xiaojie

Anybody know?

My friend here at the office says it was called “Yi Zho Dao” …hope that helps.